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  • T. Hablitzel - Couldn't Be Happier!I am rarely motivated to review anything but in the case of the Kindle, I
    am making an exception. I bought the Kindle as a Christmas present for
    my wife and because she is "still finishing up some paperbacks", I am getting it all to myself, at least for the time being. And as a matter of
    of fact, I love it so much I am thinking of getting her a bunch more
    paperbacks. :) All of the many great features that keep coming up over
    and over in these reviews are all right on the money. It not only works well and is easy to use, it is down right fun to use. I ordered a book
    from my easy chair, had it in 30 seconds and had it read in two days.
    That has to be an all time speed record for me. One feature that hasn't gotten as much attention in the reviews is the ability to read hundreds
    of reviews of the books before you hit the "buy" button. As an impulse
    book buyer, I have purchased books off a store shelf only to find they
    were a terrible read. The Kindle book reviews will no doubt aleviate that problem to a great extent. In reading the many user reviews of the Kindle, I began to realize that the cover that comes with the device is
    just plain of poor quality. Several reviewers suggested ordering the
    upgraded leather cover and I can totally agree with those suggestions.
    The leather cover is expensive but gives the product a better look and feel and more importantly, makes it easier to hold and use. I have found
    that yes, the page forward bars are a bit cumbersome and can easily be
    accidently hit, but if one puts the device to sleep before any manipulations like taking it out of the cover, accidental page turning is a very infrequent annoyance. I would say if you are on the fence and debating whether to take the plunge and buy one....or get your name on
    the waiting list....I would say do it. There is about a 98 percent chance you won't regret it.
  • PSM/Bokor - this album is art at its bestI'm amazed that this album has actually received bad reviews.Has our culture become so banal that Spears/Jackson pop music is the base line? This is art folks. If you have any self awareness, this album will affect you. Damn it, it should make you, at the very least, teary eyed.I admit that I blur the album and the film into one experience. The whole project is amazing - that includes the live DVD performance in Berlin.War, insanity, drug use, fame, authority figures who don't give a damn, (that includes your precious, little mommy), self-absorption, and the desperate need for longing - come on folks, you got to be kidding when you trash this album. How can one not feel when Pink calls home and his wife's lover answers the damn phone? Then again, maybe you've never been completely betrayed during a moment of adulterated innocence and weakness.Sure, I have every Pink Floyd album and then some. The Wall isn't the typical psychadelic, experimental mastery that one might typically equate with this band. But, the apparent simplicity is the genius.This is Pink Floyd. This is a masterpiece.Centuries from now adolescents, and adults who can empathize with that angst of just being, will embrace this album.Buy it...
  • Eric Morrison "battleforhealth[dot]com" - Absolutely Perfect.I had no intentions of buying this stuff, but after the laughs and reviews, I thought I'd give it a shot. I've never been one to miss an opportunity.

    I used Nair once in high school, but it was awful. The smell alone was horrific, and the product hardly worked at all. Well I was very surprised when I applied a test amount to a small patch to realize the odor was not only not olfactorally catastrophic, but even mildly pleasant. Great first impression, I must say. When, after the recommended 5 minutes, I began to remove the patch of hair, I was likewise surprised at the results - Removal was quick, easy, and entirely thorough. These guys have certainly done their homework.

    After my confidence had been built, I went for the kill. Full-torso lather. Including the "bits" that you were warned about, not just by the reviewers, but by the label itself. This is when I realized not only how unbelievably amazing this product is, but that either the reviewers are a bunch of pale-skinned, tea-drinking sissies, or that the inside joke completely went over my head. No burning, no redness, no nothing. In fact, I left some parts to "soak" for up to 10 or 15 minutes, and maybe... MAYBE felt a little bit of itchiness. Scrape, remove, rinse, and shine. It really is that easy. And I'm not talkin' peach fuzz either.

    I can't believe I found something so cheap and fast as shaving, but so effective as waxing without the cost or pain. Great job Veet! You've earned yourself a new subscriber.
  • pfred4peace "pfred4peace" - 1st Gen Great As IsLove love love my kindle. I finally got one as a gift because I could not break down and buy one for myself.

    Functionality great:
    easy to read
    easy to learn
    easy to navigate
    easy to upload your own docs (i.e. pdf of articles or reports)

    needs a built in light (mine on order)
    too easy to lose your place/page and navigate back
    pdf graphics do not translate well when converted to kindle format
    no discount on physical version of kindle purchased books
    magazine/newspaper subscriptions expensive (no discounts)

    okay, enough. fact is, I still love love love my kindle.

    Not sure if the new upgrades will be worth the price, unless discounted for existing owners. either way, this thing is great. reading again since I don't have to lug around heavy books, etc. btw, the blogs are good too, even paying for one that is specific to my field. otherwise, much of the content available free elsewhere.