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  • Herald Stephens - No more embarrassment!I've gotten fever blisters for years now. They don't show up often but when they do they're the worst kind. They're big and actual end up near my nose. It literally looks like a bubbling hot pizza pie.

    I've used abreva before but not as directed. With the misuse of abreva the cold sores usually last about 2 weeks. First week it develops, oozes, and then burst. The second it crust up a couple of times before healing and leaving a dark mark on my skin.

    This time around I applied abreva as soon a s I felt the "tingling". I applied approximately every two hours. I was very surprised. My fever blister was indistinguishable from a pimple. If it wasn't for that unmistakable tingling that comes with fever blisters, I would have thought it was just a pimple myself.

    I actually only used it for about 2 and a half days. After that I lost the tiny tube. I was ready to rush to the store to buy another but there was no need. If I didn't lose the tube I probably would have had enough for a couple more uses.

    I hear there's cheaper and better alternatives out there but abreva saved me from 2 weeks of hiding the oozing crater on my face. In the end No one knew I had a break out and there was no evidence of one after either.
  • Peppersnack - Awesome TabletAlways wanted a tablet and this was highly recommended by a friend of mine and so happy I decided to get this one. Easy to use, to see and take with me just about wherever I go without having to use a laptop.
  • Seattle - The best reciepe program yetI'm making a family cookbook and this program has made the job a joy it is easy to use. It has provided useful information that otherwise would not be part of the cookbook such as nutritional info. It has also allowed me to add pictures to the recipes. I would definitely recommended this program to anyone that would like to organize their recipes or would like to publish a book.