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  • David Wolstenholm - Great storyThis book is put together very well with plenty of research done behind it. The way the stories are written draws the reader in. The book is quiet lengthy but it's good read for a rainy day or take your time reading a chapter or two a day. If you love mystery or history books then this is the book for you.
  • mkolber - a vehicle for neuroticismThis book's blessing and curse is all the numbers it contains. Average gpas, mcat scores, interview and acceptances given, etc. are easy to get caught up in (they aren't as important as you think), but it gave me information on a few schools that i didn't know about at first, one of which gave me an acceptance. The cost of applying to medical school is so exorbitant anyway, you may as well spend the money on one of these books, and MSAR is the one my pre-health admissions committee recommended: it's the gold standard.

    5 stars because, well, it helped get me into medical school. Good luck...
  • Gess Barre - Best GPS device I've usedThe GPS is quite accurate in most places. I recently made a trip to Florida and noticed a couple of speed limit errors and also pointless directions--you know on the highway where sometimes you can veer to the right for a little while, blocked off by a barrier, and then you can move back on after a couple minutes? The GPS did that 2 or 3 times. That's why it's always good to pay attention to the signs around you!

    More accurate speed limit reading than speedometer,
    Automatically changes screen colors at night for better viewing
    knows fast routes

    can't choose a different route (in case you don't want to go through a certain area)
    some pointless turns/directions (not a huge problem)
    a few (but not many) highway speed limit errors.

    Overall, I've never had a problem with getting where I was going. Some GPS devices will mislead you but she won't (See how close we've gotten to it? We call it a her, ha!) I've also memorized a few faster routes in my own hometown thanks to her. Best product I've found. But I'll say it again, pay attention to the road!!
  • Jtealsmith - My "Miracle" CureFor years I have struggle with digestional issues and troubles going to the bathroom. Since using Align, everything has completely changed. I went from hardly beiing able to go once a week or even two weeks sometimes, to now being able to go atleast once a day. I feel less bloated, and a huge sense of relief every day now. I would highly, highly recommend Align to anyone suffering for digestional track issues and/ or people who endure troubles going to the bathroom on a regular basis. Align really has been my "miracle" cure that I've been looking for!