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  • Z. Mehrbach "Zach" - Memories grammy styleThe great thing about the Grammy album each year is that no matter who you are, or what taste of music you have this music will forever help you define whatever type of year you had. Music is such a large part of our culture, that unless you never turn on the radio or TV you will have heard many of these songs. I am a bit partial to this year's album as I do love much of the music on it, but the memories that run through my mind when listening to this music is undeniable. Yes it's a bit nostalgic, and yes in that sappy, oh how time passes kind of way.

    If you're like me you'll remember that terrible ad with Chris Berman trying to look cool in that Toyota ad every time you hear Kelly Clarkson's "stronger." You'll remember when you first heard the black keys over five years ago and thought it was neat that you liked a band nobody else knew about. You remember watching a youtube video with five people who play a guitar and sing "Somebody that I used to l know." You'll feel slight anger that Mumford and Sons has become more popular than the Avett Brothers. You might remember how weird it was watching Jack White try to be funny on the Colbert Report, and you might even remember hearing Carly Rae Jepson sing live for the first time on the Jimmy Fallon show and realize she doesn't sound all that great live...then hearing the same thing on new year's eve...

    I absolutely adore a lot of this music (Lumineers) and I absolutely hate some of it (come on Taylor Swift is your time up yet?) But I'll happily add this album to my collection of other Grammy Albums because each one of them brings back different memories.
  • Seth Fitzgerald "Seth Fitzgerald" - iPad Mini 16GBI primarily use the iPad Mini for business purposes and I must say that this is the best tablet I have used for just about anything.

    Without a doubt, iOS 7 is annoying on the Mini or any other iPad but I still find it to be a more useful tablet than the ones running on Android.

    If you are already an Apple fan then the iPad Mini is a no-brainer if you can deal with a less-than-amazing screen. If you prefer smaller tablets, the Mini is the way to go but if you really need a high-res screen, Apple has just come out with the iPad Mini with Retina, so buy that if you need to.

    - Seth Fitzgerald, Journalist
  • SuperSaverMama "Wendy" - Loved this oneI think this is my favorite so far. I LOVED #1, thought #2 was good, and loved this one as well. The second one had a little too much political drama for my taste, I had trouble following all the characters and war-related stuff. This one was just as addictive as the others and easier to follow. The storylines are a bit ridiculous, there's no way so many things would happen to one person, but as long as you go into it expecting a story instead of realism, you'll do just fine. :)