Heartburn & Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) Prescription Medicine- Prevacid - Persistent heartburn could be acid reflux disease. Acid reflux disease (GERD) occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. Prevacid treats the symptoms of acid reflux disease and heartburn.

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City: M5K Toronto, Ontario

  • bananaman - A Slice of HeavenWhen i was a young teen, i suffered from an anxiety involving sliced bananas, rooted in an abusive relationship, in which my significant other, constantly beat me and verbally assaulted me for my inability to properly slice bananas. Though I was able to end my relationship with her, I was not able to move beyond the trauma that this life experience has caused me.
    I decided that the only way to get past this fear was to educate myself in the art of banana sandwiches. I now consider myself a peanut butter and banana connoisseur. I have been to several peanut butter and banana conferences and was the keynote speaker at the PBBFA (peanut butter and bananas for all) conference hosted this year in Wisconsin. I am working on my doctoral dissertation on the development of the modern banana and how agricultural domestication of this unique fruit has affected the sandwich industry. With all that being said, I have strove for years to find the perfect sliced banana. Even after different social experiments and mathematical calculations, i found no clear conclusions. However, after purchasing this product on a whim, my personal and professional life has been significantly changed. I have run studies and seen that this slicer produces not only the perfect thickness that we all desire, but also that uniformity that was previously impossible to find.
    I have finally come to peace with my inner struggles involving bananas and I am slowly but surely moving on to find peace with myself. My friends have noticed a significant change in my behavior. They say I am happier and smile much more often. I even have felt more comfortable around women, and am hoping to some day be able to have a normal relationship with one.
    Thank you Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. Not only have you given me a perfectly sliced banana, but you have also given me back my confidence to be myself and move on with my life.
  • P. C. Elliot - Not your ordinary reader...I find it easy to use and read with. I have a really old kindle that I use when the batteries are charging on this one and I really can't wait to go back to this one from the older model. I like many of the tablet features too. This Kindle has actually replaced my heavier usage of my 10" tablet. It fits in my purse or lunch bag very easily.
  • Tammy B - This stuff works!I suffer from fever blisters several times a year. This stuff does what it promises! I was able to bypass the bubbled up, swollen, itchy faze and go straight to the healing faze of a fever blister. This product cuts the time you suffer from a blister down to only a couple of days. I highly recommend it!
  • Jenni M. Parks "Jenni Parks" - Book of the Year Indeed!While traveling cross-country last weekend, I passed the time reading novels I'd recently received. One of these was Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. The book is simply fantastic. Walter presents a moving story encompassing friendship and love that spans a lifetime.

    Pasquale is a deep and soulful innkeeper in a rarely visited, small Italian village. He dreams of running a large, profitable, and popular resort that would serve as a beacon for adventurous American tourists but when Americans do venture onto his island home they are few and far between and transpires is nothing as he's imagined. It's better.

    The novel unwinds Pasquale's story and those of his two American guests, tracing their paths across continents and back together again to a satisfying and beautiful conclusion.

    Walter draws a portrait of each character so multi-faceted that we learn to love and identify with each of them, regardless of their foibles. Walter even manages to weave in real-life events and figures (Elizabeth Taylor) in a way that is natural and believable and not at all forced, awkward, or artificial.

    Common to the greatest of books, the feelings that welled up when I reached the end of Beautiful Ruins were bittersweet joy (these characters will live on in my mind indefinitely), an aspiration to write a novel (I want to write like this! I want to make people feel this way! I want to bring characters alive just like this!), and an immediate desire to hunt down the rest of Walter's books to add to my "must read" list.
  • seasprite6 - Tudor addicts overdoseMantel captures the life and times of Henry the VIII in all it's horrifying splendor. Men and women shuck off silk and sable to be roasted at the stake or slain by polished steel blades. All the while, life goes on in the cold stone halls of Tudor England. I can't wait for the next installment. Now that I know Thomas Cromwell, I want to see how his story ends...