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  • Just John "Just John" - Incredible Story about an incredible womanIts not about the hardships we all face, (though Ping's life was filled with more than a fair share) its about how we learn from them, and in Ping's case, use that learning to the betterment of society.

    Unbelievably - this wonderful woman is under attach from China AGAIN! A horde of amazingly ill constructed critical reviews by people that admit they did not even read the book! Where do these people come from? They have no other reviews on Amazon, they use obscene language, and often admit they did not read the book. And then use mass numbers to push up the negative reviews, even tricking the system by writing negative reviews with 5 stars so the mention is higher.

    This book is about resiliency, it is not a history of the cultural revolution or an attack on China today. I am very suspicious about the negative reviewers motivations. That they are factually absurd is often the case with Amazon reviews, but vitriolic and obscene is too much!
  • H. Hjorth Harville - Just what I neededLove the convenience of not having to move my laptop from room to room. Although I use Microsoft Office on the laptop, and the tablet uses the Android OS, there are apps that are compatible with Word and Excel. Good battery life, screen brightness adjusts automatically. It's great for email and Facebook.