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  • Big J - Massive Attack's Blue Lines is Incredible!Why in the hell did it take me 9 years to buy this cd? After reading a magazine article and listening to a few tracks of this album on the internet, I decided to buy it. Wow, this album is truley great. I can't believe it was made a whole decade ago. The sounds they use I like alot. They are simple, but I love them. Songs like "Safe From Harm", "One Love", "Unfinished Sympathy", "Blue Lines", and "Five Man Army" are gems. The other songs are ok, but these alone are well worth your 14$ or whatever.
  • Laney - The perfect regimenI love the "regimen!" I've had mild yet very stubborn acne since I was about 12 years old and have tried so many different things. Most products, like proactiv, worked for a couple of months and then my acne would return. I went on accutane which cleared my skin up for a while but had some pretty bad side affects and my acne eventually came back. I finally found the regimen about 2 years ago and it works wonders. My skin is clear, not dry, and not oily. After I finished my first set of the regimen I figured I could just get drugstore brands of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and a regular moisturizer but it didn't work half as well. It wasn't even that much cheaper to go with the drugstore stuff (which left my skin dry and broken out) so after 2 days I ordered another set of the regimen. I love the simple packaging and how affordable it is, too! The big bottles of the moisturizer and treatment last forever so it's a great investment.
    I highly recommend this regimen to anyone struggling with acne!
  • Shanghaied - DON'T EVER COMPARE THIS TO PUNKThis is NOT punk. It is not an attempt to combat, compete or interact with punk. Punk is gratuitous, aggressive, arrogant snapshots of society targeted at cultural trends, political strife, screwed up girl/boyfriends, and so on. Animals is none of these. Everyone loves to point out that this album was made during the time of the sex pistols. All I have to say is, "Who are the Sex Pistols?" Has their career survived or in any way rivaled that of Pink Floyd? While the Sex Pistols I'm sure have some significance to the music industry, I can safely say that I have yet to hear ANY sex pistols song, and simply put, the survival of Animals suggests it's creators used a masterful hand in it's creation, unlike the long-forgotten whimsical rantings of some defecating jerk.Back on topic, despite the inner-strife prevalent in the Pre-Wall Floyd era, I consider this album to be the highpoint of the band's career overall. The lyrics and concepts are great, but the true brilliance lies in the music; it's simply breath-taking. The huge instrumental sections in each song command your attention, and the guitar riffs and keyboard sequences, the experimental vocal distortion, and the "pig" pedal all add an overwhelming experience for the listener. This album represents a fusion of two of Floyd's most imporatant time periods and was the obvious step in the band's evolution between the Dark Side years to the Wall.Appreciate this album for what it is (a masterpiece) but for god's sake, dont' compare it to anything Punk!
  • M. Samuel - Worked GREAT for my son!!I purchased TheraBreath Oral Rinse for my 12 year old son who suffered from terrible halitosis. No matter how much he brushed and gargled with other products recommended by his dentist, nothing seemed to work. After only using this product for one week, his bad breath has disappeared. I only have him use 1/2 a cap full for the mouth rinse and 1/2 cap full for the gargle, and it works just fine. I did think it was a little pricey for mouthwash, but given the results, it's worth every penny!
  • Meependa - Perfect for my needs!Came to me one day after purchasing, and I chose 2-day shipping at checkout! I'm currently using it as external storage for my laptop that I'll be bringing to college, since my father, with extensive background in software and computer electronics, tells me that storing files such as music or old pictures on a hard drive is a no-no. Slows down the processor, apparently. I had no problems with the plug-and-use USB that came with the hard drive, zip. Once I had the My Computer folder open, it was right there, with its own little icon. I went into the empty drive and deleted out the cloud-uploader application right away. I'm not that big into social media, or instant-uploading (I'm really not that impatient!) and the biggest problem reported by the handful of negative reviews for this project stemmed from that included software slowing down people's computers. USB cable will work with normal black (2.0) or the blue SS-USB (3.0) port that I wasn't even aware my computer had! Transferring speed for about 30 GB of music files, with the blue 3.0 port, averaged 35 MB/second, which is damn impressive!

    My only disappointments with this little gem is the shortness of the included USB cable (a minor thing, since extensions are available at almost any electronics/computer store), and the fact that some of my files did not transfer the first time because the 'destination folder's filename was too long.' Yes, I have many folders within folders within folders, but the fact that a path name could be too long is astounding to me. I was able to transfer those files onto the hard drive after trimming the name or swapping the folders around within their larger folders. Hope this helps people with their purchasing!