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  • A.Perkins - Sam keeps on provoking thought. That is a good thing folks.Sam never fails to make a good thought provoking argument so easy to understand. For too long morality has fallen into the realm of religion, when all along it should have been in the scientific sphere. No longer is the case.
    Kudos to you Sam. Thanks for coming and lecturing in Portland, Oregon here recently.
  • Sarah - Best Acne Treatment I've ever used!!I was extremely skeptical about this product when I purchased it, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I've use proactive, I tried doxycycline, and I've probably tried just about every drugstore acne treatment available, to include the variety of creams, face washes, and even the zeno hot-spot. I have had moderate to severe acne for several years now, which oddly enough, I didn't have to deal with until I hit about age 19. Since then, as I mentioned above, I've tried just about everything. My skin would clear on occasion, and I would start to think whichever product I was using was finally working, but before the acne marks from the previous break-out even healed completely, I'd have a new break-out. I used this product for the first time exactly 10 days ago. Every day since then, the appearance of my skin has improved, as well as the texture. Now, on the tenth day, my skin is completely smooth, I don't have new break-outs, and the old marks from the healing spots are barely visible. I just can't say enough good about this product. I was most nervous to use the moisturizer and jojoba oil, since my skin is extremely sensitive to lotions and oils and usually breaks out if I use them, but this stuff is great! I've gradually started adding more of the jojoba oil to the moisturizer and I think that is what is improving the texture and appearance of my skin more than anything. I can't remember the last time my skin looked this good, or the last time I felt so self-confident. If you're on the fence about this product, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. It's SOOOOO worth the money!! I wouldn't have taken the time to write this novel-of-a-review if it wasn't!
  • K. Berglund - Pink Floyd's Swan SongI bought this CD the first day it came out in stores, not realizing that this would be the last Pink Floyd studio album. As much as I would love to see Gilmour and Waters reunite and release another PF album, this is not a bad way to end. "High Hopes" is a great song, comparable to the "classic" Pink Floyd of the 70's, and if that is the last song on the last album, they've left a great legacy behind them.

    This is the second album without Roger Waters, and is far superior than the previous effort "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" (although that has some great songs too). Every song on this one (with the exception of maybe Rick Wright's "Wearing the Inside Out") is great. From the somber, bluesy "Shine On" style instrumental of "Cluster One", to the Roger inspired acoustic ballad "Lost for Words" to the Grammy winning instrumental masterpiece "Marooned", this is classic Floyd.
  • Ed Johns - Great bag for golf teams or personalizationI have always liked Taylor Made and their products and this bag is not any different. I bought these for my golf team so the 3 zip-off pockets are perfect for customization. The 4 point harness is easily adjustable for a wide variety I have on my team and the durability seems good and solid so far.