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  • Joseph Plumb Martin "Over age in grade" - Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you

    I did not purchase my hydrofloss from amazon.. As well as i can remember i bought it from some discount store in miami, florida, about 20 years ago.. its been around so long and working still though i must admit to long periods of not using it, just letting it gather dust under the sink.. (pretty dumb, huh?!)

    SO, i mentioned it to my dentist as he was working on two new crowns and the guy brightened up and said i should use it every 12 hours with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for each 600 ML of water..
    (i HAD been using it sporadically since a cheaper water pik died after about 6 months of use)

    the long and short of it is this hydro-floss is OLD and still working fine and will now get constant use again with as simple a formula as the peroxide and warm water set to medium or lower pressure whish, my dentist assured me, will kill all the germs in my mouth..

    better than more crowns.. :-)

  • KT - Another brilliant Radclyffe book

    Five stars to Radclyffe for writing another beautiful love story set against a medical background. Finding yourself and finding love, though common themes, make for great stories and no one word those stories better than Radclyffe.
    I loved the main characters, though I had a hard time picturing them, I know they were described but it just didn't stick. At some point the story seemed to move a little slowly and there was a lot of medical jargon but then it picked back up. It did seem a little too reminiscent of her other novels occasionally but nothing too repetitive. It's a sweet, heart touching romance that leaves the reader feeling all gooey and warm inside.
    My favourite part of the whole thing was getting another dose of Quinn and Honor and crew. I loved them the first time around and I was thrilled to see them again.
    If you're a Radclyffe fan or a lesbian fiction fan, this book is for is every book Radclyffe has written. Seriously, read them all, you won't be disappointed.