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  • TEALY855 - THE HIDDEN CURETHE HIDDEN CURE. Cancer is a chronic metobolic disease caused by a dietary deficiency of nitrilosides (B17) found in bitter fruit seeds and other unpopular foods just like scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C or Pellagra is a deficency of vitamin B3. When these essentials are restored to the diet the disease is quickly reversed and the symptoms fade away. This information is catching on like wildfire as more and more people today are becoming aware of and seeing through the corporate/ government greed health agenda .
    The highest consentrations of nitrilosides are found in raw apricot seeds and peach seeds or in the pill form of
    amygdalin or laetrile (vitamin B17).
    Genesis 1:29
    "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. "
    Cultures and populations that consume an abundance of nitrilosidese are 100 % cancer free. however when individuals from these populations adopt the standard western diet they develope cancer at the same 3 in 1 rate as the rest of the world.
    Chemo, radiation and surgery only mask the symptoms but do not address the underlying cause.
    Cancer always returns and the end results is almost always a death sentence if the deficency issue is not addressed.
    Smoking, radiation and other household hazards are just triggers that determine where these symptoms tumors) will show up but are not the cause.
    Cancer is not caused by anything but by the lack of something that has been deleted from the western diet.
    This fact was discovered in 1952- Big druga / FDA covered up the cure and declared it fraud and quackery. Watch the "WORLD WITHOUT CANCER" Video by G Edward Griffin and investigate the testimonies and case studies . Many lives have been saved just by modifying diet and just saying no thank you to the Big pharma / FDA /chemo/ radiation $ cartel.

    You may also want to see THE SCIENCE and POLITICS of CANCER A DISCOURSE by G. Edward Griffin video and download the book free THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO VITAMIN B-17 METABOLIC THERAPY - this info needs to get out- we can put an end of cancer naturally within the decade-
  • Courtney - Right for meIntelligender told me I was having a boy at about 15 weeks, and the doctor confirmed at the 20 week ultrasound. It was right for me. We also did the gendermaker test, and it said girl.
  • grandpabiker - Best vacuum we have ownedWe wanted a 12 inch wide upright, as we have a house crowded with furniture. The pluses outweigh the minuses by a large margin. Ease of maneuvering is enabled by narrow width. Cleaning power--strong suction and effective brushes. Attachment hose flexible with plenty of length. Attachments are well varied with the "rotating brush" attachment being the most impressive (there is a wand over 24 inches long). Brushes are turned off automatically when leaving the vacuum in the "erect" position. Brushes can also be turned on or off via a rocker switch. Cord length is 30 feet. The only two things they could improve on is where the cord exits the machine it interferes with the brush attachment and the attachments (majority of them) have to stored in a bag (nice drawstring bag is provided) and not attached to the vacuum. The cleaning power is impressive and disposing of dust is quick and simple. I highly recommend this vacuum a value that will leave some cash in your wallet (contrary to some vacuums that cost between $300 to $500). Amazon was the least expensive shopping choice for this model.