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  • Floweringplum - Super colon Cleanse won't be without itI have been using this product for several years and I like the capsules as opposed to mixing the powder in a liquid. I never drink it down fast enough. I take this product in the morning when I start my day and at bedtime. If I am too busy in the morning and forget, I will take it in the afternoon. You really need to figure out what dosage is best for your system. I do not get enough fiber in thru my regular diet and this product helps me to produce a softer stool and not feel uncomfortable or have to strain when having to use the bathroom. I have learned timing is also important when taking this product especially if you travel via air or on the road. I find that I make a point to have it in my system just before I go on a long trip and I take the capsules with me when on the road and having meals in different places. I drink water when taking this product but it is important to stay hydrated as this product needs the moisture in your system to help do its job. I don't take it on an empty stomach as it has an aftertaste and this can be avoided by having it with a meal or snack plus a beverage. This is a product for those with a history of constipation problems. If you take the time to adjust the dosage for your system and life style you will be better able to get the benefits. You will know if you have taken too much as your stools will be very loose and that is not what this product is all about.
  • Sean Miller - Great OSOverall I've had a positive experience with Windows 8 so far. I've only been using Windows 8 for a couple of weeks, but it was much easier to adapt to from Win 7 than I had heard. My average boot time seems much faster than 7, and programs seem to load slightly faster. I haven't run into any compatibility issues yet. I'm not really an 'app' person (I prefer my games and software in a more traditional installation), but there are some handy apps out on the marketplace. The marketplace does already have a lot of apps, but it's still in it's infancy. Win 8 does have some room for improvement with the interface I think. There are a few design choices Microsoft made that makes perfect sense for a tablet / phone (like hiding the shut down button), but are bad choices for a desktop pc (like hiding the shut down button). Overall, I think it's a better OS than Windows 7 (and don't get me wrong - I love Windows 7).
  • snobunny - Great ProductThis is a great scanner. It does the same job the more expensive brands do, but for a far more reasonable price. Works with far more vehicles than many other scanners in it's price range! Definitely happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone, from a "weekend mechanic" who works on his own cars - to a professional garage!
  • david bublitz - Just received and love it....!!Had a Hoover bagged vacuum and just wasn't happy with it. Thought that my carpet wasn't getting clean and knew it was time for a change and new vacuum. I love Amazon because of the reviews of everyone and can get a good picture of how a product can hold up. So, even though I had seen commercial about the shark - I was skeptical.

    Needless to say I was NOT dissappointed. I ordered it on Sunday - Got it today on a Wednesday. Had it shipped 3 to 5 days shipping so I was impressed on that. I used my Amazon card so I could finance it for 6 months - ($25.00 a month) rather than buy it from Skark and have it 4 payments of $49.99. But lets get to the vacuum.

    Unboxed it. Was easy to assembly. Only needed a flathead screwdriver to attach the handle. The rest just clicked and snapped together. Once together I tried it out. Now, this last weekend I completely cleaned my house top to bottom and really cleaned my carpet. But, with the Shark after a few passes - the collection chamber was noticably full of dust and dirt (this is a GOOD thing). The unit was very easy to push - in fast as another reviewer said it felt like it was self propelling itself. I love the handle as it felt comfort in my hands. I tried it out on my kitchen floor - was super - you can actually hear rhe suction.

    I would recommend this to anyone. Price is good - said it had a 7 year warranty on the tag on the unit. To see the dirt it picked up is neat. But - my carpet looks new again - it groomed it and that is what a machine should do....GREAT - Love it!!