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  • Tokeidokei - Amazing productI can't believe the reviews that say it is hard to clean. It couldn't be easier, easy to disassemble and basically only needs a hot water rinsing. This thing is amazing. The trick is cutting things up to about 1" cubes and alternate dropping in different fruit with the banana chunks. Then take what it spits out into a bowl and stir it for about a minute with a spoon until it slightly melts - this helps to spread the flavors and is about as hard as buttering toast. The end product is absolutely delicious. Along with a microwave, toaster, etc. this should be a default kitchen appliance.
  • M. King - Relief from back pain can be a realityI would recommend Esther's book to anyone who is experiencing back pain. Her approach is unique and she offers relief for so many people who suffer from back problems of all types. Her focus on posture and the way we sit, stand, lie down, and walk is a whole new approach to improved back health, which in turn leads to an improved overall healthy life.
    Over the years I had tried everything from surgery and many other approaches from the clinical medicine world as well as many methods in alternative medicines. There had been times when I achieved some very limited relief but it was never long lasting. And in a short period of time I always would find myself back in the same old chronic pain situation. With Esther's approach I saw improvement very quickly and I've just completed my first year with my new back regimen and the differences are startling. I have far less pain, no longer rely on pain medications to get me through the day and my quality of life has improved tremendously.
    People frequently ask me what I've done to achieve the positive changes in my health and I always recommend Esther's methods to achieve wellness. Without hesitation I would recommend Esther's book to anyone who is living their life with painful back problems.
  • Miss Kitty "Timid Observer" - Virus zapperProtects against viruses, spyware, keyloggers, malware, malicious cookies (sounds like an oxymoron), Trojans, rootkits and worms. It seems to be pretty effective, at least against the Security Tool malware (you know that "WARNING YOU HAVE A VIRUS" thing that pops up and makes it impossible to use the computer)and tries to make you buy a virus software. Titanim took care of the problem without breaking a sweat. The program is very easy to install and takes just a few minutes. It has integrated cloud security.

    Over all, it is easy to use. There are options for quick scan, a full scan or you can create a custom scan. The box says it provides "real-time" protection and is constantly updated (see "integrated cloud security" above). So far, I have no complaints. I am just glad the "WARNING!! YOU HAVE A VIRUS" is gone - if it doesn't do anything else I would be happy.

    Oh, yes, it can be installed on 3 different computers which is really great since that is exactly how many computers we have.
  • B. Douglas "frbruce824" - A Great Read!My apologies Tessa for the late review...

    Great Writing!

    After reading her first book, Pearl in the Sand, I became a permanent fan of author, Tessa Afshar.

    I waited for months for this book, Harvest of Rubies, to be published, I was happy to finally get my hands on it and start reading!

    Once again she has done a masterful job of combining biblical history, fiction done tastefully, mystery and romance, with bits of humor and pinches of wit, bound together in a thought provoking and intriguing story of Sarah and Nehemiah. This novel, and the way the writer creates word images are so clear and vivid you feel like your watching a film. Tessa brings a fresh and exciting look into some of the stories and characters of the bible and makes you enjoy reading scripture with greater appreciation.

    A beautiful book.

    By the way, for all those guys out there who think this is just some romance novel, think again, it's not.

    Tessa, hope to get a few copies for my "special friends" of your new book just released.

    Blessings always.

  • Joan Elam - a gift to myselfI'm old and I have facial hair but I did not want to shave or uses wax's or tweezer's on my face because they made my face break out. It was a lot of money to spend but I am so glad I did each time the hair comes in it is finner and there is less coming in so the hair on my face is less noticabable. I still have to shave but thats ok because after I shave I use the lazer treatement it is quick and painless. I would recomend it to woman that has faicial hair. This winter I am going to use it on my under arms and legs. I'm a hairy beast and it is so nice to know I have a way to get rid of it,