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  • The_Walking_Bread - 4 is GREATER than ONEI received my console early launch day and it has been receiving my undivided attention ever since. While reports of bricked consoles were out in the wild, I was lucky to have not have any issues aside from PSN issues the first day. I preordered my console the day it was announced and picked up KZ:SF and AC4 with the BOGO deal that was floating around. Having owned every single PlayStation that has been since 1995 this is a monumental update to the PS family. I had both PS3 and XB360 last gen but opted to stick to one console this time and obviously I stuck with Sony. The XBONE had nothing compelling for me and having gone through 5 red rings of death with the 360, I was not chancing it, not to mention it's $100 less than AND has more power. So far my experience has been phenomenal. The games look outstanding when comparing to the previous gen. User interface is easy to navigate and intuitive, although I can see in the future there may be a bit cluttered as the games are not distinctly grouped together in their own category. Not a lot of games yet but that’s a given, I have my hands full as it is with AC4 (60+ hours!) and multiplayer on both KZ:SF and COD:G which should hold me over until Second Son. I remember the days of the SNES and its SMW and FZero titles! On a side note, the new DS4 is amazing. Most comfortable controller I’ve held since the 360. They finally got it right. If you want native 1080p gaming (not upscaled from 720p), some of the best exclusives from the best in house developers this is your box.
  • Susan Patterson - As PromisedProduct on recurring order. Came as promised, priced as promised. Way below current drug store price. Align is the probiotic my doctor wants me to take and it works just great.
  • D. Gallaher "Dave the Chem Prof" - Works for me....nice upgrade from 09I have been a Quicken user since 2000. I only upgrade every other version or so, so I can't directly compare the individual features from each successive version. Let me add to this preface that I do everything manually in Quicken - I rarely download transactions directly from my financial institutions - I just prefer to enter things manually...which also helps me keep my financial details current in my head.

    That being said, I was slightly hesitant to updgrade to the 2011 version after reading the user reviews. In fact, after clicking "order" - I had buyers remorse and was convinced that I would return it without opening the package as soon as it arrived. (BTW - I got the Turbo Tax/Q2011 bundle which is a hell of a deal).

    I am glad I did not return the software. For someone who uses the program like I do, the 2011 version is a pleasant surprise. It is a nice upgrade - the interface is more pleasing and professional looking. The sequencing of tabs and the ability to set date ranges for reports and the like is much improved. 2009 version of the software had an annoying quirk...when you were entering a transaction on one register line, an annoying "tab" (a highlight feature) would pop up/down and sometimes obscure other data on the screen - the new version fixes this. I also don't see any pop-up ads in my software. I don't miss the "cash flow" tab other have mentioned - but I did not use it in prior version of the software. I LOVE the spending tab feature, with a big, clear graph of where your money is going over a specified time period (default is last 30 days) - very convenient.

    I've only had the 2011 version a couple of weeks, but I'm very glad I kept it. Again, I would not consider myself a "power user"....I don't use several of the program's features, but for a daily user of financial software who likes to enther things manually, I really like the 2011 version of Quicken.
  • Robert J. Smith Sr. - Webroot Antivirus SoftwareI had AVG and my desktop crash, causing my laptop to have 371 virus. My grandson cleaned my laptop. The desktop needed a new hard drive. AVG was scheduled to scan once a week and did not stop the crash. I was with AVG for about 10 years.
    Now I have Webroot on my I MAC and very satisfied. Webroot was recommend by my grandson.

  • M. R. A Bohm - This book brings me so much joy.I love Brandon's work, and have been following him on Facebook since 2010. The book conjures up the same happy feelings that I get whenever he posts a new photo online. My kids (2 & 7) found the book equally enthralling. We are rationing it, and only exploring 10 pages a night. It's amazing to talk with them about Brandon's encounters, and what each of our perceptions were about the people inside before reading their caption. The photos with captions are definitely more interesting, but I "get" that this book is part of Brandon's journey - and talking to his subjects didn't happen until later down the road. I'm an avid believer in HONY's work, and love it so much.