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  • Jackson - Engaging dystopiaGreat story line with very believable characters. Gray Weathersby, the main character is impulsive and although his actions may not always be admirable they are consistent with his personality. The differences in his personality from his brother Blaine, and his impulsiveness is exactly what makes him climb "the wall" before he is heisted. Heisting is what happens to all boys the night of their 18th birthday in this primitive town where Gray now mourns the loss of his family. A young love named Emma follows him over the wall where together they learn the life that they had lived in Claysoot was not what it seemed. Suspense and action mingle with an additional love relationship when Gray becomes attracted to Bree a strong, determined and assertive rebel. A fascinating read with many twists and turns. This one will keep you guessing until the last page.
  • Tom Burger - Bought it for a friendThe author thoroughly revises this book every year to account for the ever evolving methods of companies finding good candidates and the development of new tools for finding a new job or modifying one's career. My friend tends to shun advice and help, but in a weak moment, and with nothing else at hand for her to read, she picked it up almost a month after delivery. I just got a call with those wonderful words we all love to hear, "Your were right and I was wrong." Of course the acid test will be to see if she works the exercises and actually discovers a more rewarding line of work, or at least finds a more rewarding role in the work she currently does, which is medical billing. My advice to everyone else? Don't get into medical billing.