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  • K. Fowler - A Book Hasn't Impacted Me Like This in a WhileAn amazing book. I had a difficult time putting it down, except for the times when I made myself do it because it was so tense. It's the kind of book that you'll read 20 pages during lunch and think about continuously until you get home to pick it back up. It's sparse. It's bleak. It's surprisingly warm. Pretty much perfect.
  • NWRDGTCHR - The iPod for booksI LOVE to read. However, after having kids it was hard to find time to read. I have tried everything from leaving books in my car to carrying them in my purse. I often lost my place or thought I had my book with me only to find out I had left it at home. The Kindle is small enough to fit into my purse and I carry it everywhere I go. Now I read in the car line waiting to pick my kids up from school, getting my nails done, basketball tournaments, kids music lessons, kids sport practices, and while waiting for doctor appointments with my kids. The Kindle never looses my place and if I finish a book while somewhere that I am not able to buy another one, I can simply turn on the wireless network and download a new one. Another plus is the reduced price on newly released books and being able to make the font bigger. No need to pull out the cheater glasses in public ever again. If you love to read and often carry more than one book with you, you must get one of these. The kindle has done for my book carrying what the iPod did for my music collection. It is a MUST HAVE for those of you who love to read.
  • Rock 'N Roll - of their bestThis album is one of Pink Floyd's best albums. It is not quite as good as DSOTM or WYWH or The wall...but it had a feeling to it that was very nice to me. However, it doesn't sound exactly like other Pink Floyd music. As one of my friends said, its like Pink Floyd's weirdness and normal rock mixed together. I got mad at him at first, but I think he was right. This is Pink Floyd as hard rockish/normal as possible. Enjoy it....the songs are great
  • T. McElveen - Must read new clasic!The quick and dirty:

    Q: Is this worth reading?
    A: Absolutely!

    Q: Is this worth paying for?
    A: Yes, and then some!

    Q: Ahh, but did you enjoy enough to read more of the Silo Saga?
    A: Just as soon as I'm done lathering praise on this already lathered with praise omnibus, I will purchasing the next installment.

    After scanning Amazon's books by popularity I came across this and another "post-apocalyptic" novel. The other (which shall remain nameless) I read for about two pages before putting down for good. Deleted it from my Kindle. Can't even stand to look at it anymore. Stilted speech, overly type cast characters, blah. Wool on the other hand, captivated me from the beginning. Characters that hook you from the beginning. A unique twist on the ole post-apocalyptic yarns. Hints of Shakespearean tragedies. Slow playing sub plots that enhance rather than detract from the story. All add up to one of the most enjoyable reads I've had since Hyperion.

    I prefer longer series that I can get invested in. Authors not afraid to create new worlds as playgrounds and stages for their actors to grow in. These are the reasons (along with some stellar reviews)that I chose to pick this up. I am writing this review purely based my appreciation for a good story and my hope that others will discover another great read (though with 6000+ reviews I'm not sure mine is necessary).

    p.s. True but embarrassing story: thirty pages left and my Kindle's battery died! What to do? Can't wait long enough for the battery to charge for me to read. So...let's read it on my PC with the Kindle cloud reader. Yep, that's how bad I had to finish the story. Had to finish it on a computer monitor!
  • Rehan Munawar - Good Learning toolI bought kindle fire for my daughter when she was in the 6th grade. She is using it regularly for reading books, research for her school assignments, listening music (Pandora) and sometimes plays games on the kindle. She also takes it with her when she travels. Recently, she traveled out of country with my wife and kindle fire was her good companion. I am glad I bought it for her as it is good investment and helping my daughter to better spend her time and helping her learn.