Paracet'One: One paracetamol bought, One doctor sent - One, the firm which reverses 100% of its benefits to developing regions, launches a new product: Paracet'One. Every time that somebody will buy Paracet'One, the profits will be used to send a doctor in Africa and treat those who need

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  • M. Earley - Great software!I've had this running on 4 of my machines for almost a year now, and never had any attacks in that time. It does run a little slow on two my older machines, but that's not really the software's fault. On my newer machines (Win7, plenty of RAM and new CPUs), it responds very quickly. I also love the download option on Amazon. No need to keep up with discs and license keys any more!
  • AK "AK" - Please get this book.I was suffering for 10 years. It started within 3 months of coming to the USA. It was sufficiently mild till recently so I ignored it. But last year it worsened greatly, partly due to stress. ABout 30% of body was covered with the disease. The doctors prescribed creams, UV and then
    Embrel, which turns off your immune system. Wonder which genius thought of that. Luckily I had the presence of mind to ignore all their 'advice'.
    The ONLY thing you need to know is to control your diet, NOTHING else. Thats what I did. After 4 months I'm 95% clear. Stop all processed food, white sugar, night shade vegetables. Each lots of green leafy things plus raw veggies (I ate carrots, cucumbers, onions). Above all, don't go for fancy concoctions, this juice and that, this tea and that. Just cut out the bad and eat raw veggies, green leafs, wheat tortillas, rice, etc.
    In this book there is a lot good and bit of BS, about tea from elm bark and all that. Above all this book will give you hope, which gives you the energy to fix yourself. Please get it. I spent 10 bucks and got back my life.
    While you're on the road to recovery, you need a good daily moisturizer after bath. I use vanicream. $ for a tub. From walgreens. Lasts about a month. Best Luck.
  • Jenna Avery "Screenwriter, Writing Motivation... - Absolutely Incredible JourneyThis book was a key aspect of my own career transition. The morning pages alone brought such clarity and such freedom to my life! I highly recommend this book to ANYONE seeking more clarity about their own lives and their own creative process (remember, we each *create* our own reality), whether they consider themselves to be an "artist" or not.
  • Rivka - Surprising, Not Like Other Relationship ExpertsI'd had enough of relationship advice that's either stupid, or just unhelpful. This is different. better.
    Matthew Hussey is not like other relationship experts. By that, I mean he is incredibly intelligent, really really good at this stuff, and his book consists of intelligent true principles that apply to other aspects of life, as well as advice that can actually be put into practice in one's romantic life.
    As a Catholic, I believe in waiting til marriage for sex, but, even though Hussey does not share this view,I considered his treatment of sexual matters worth reading.
    The part about the basic principles of lasting attraction is worth the price of the book.
    One feels that the author understands both men and women, and genuinely cares about and respects people.