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  • Regan - 3rd in Series - A Moving Scottish Historical!This is the 3rd in the unique and wonderful Scottish historical (and time travel) series that grabs you by the throat and won't let you go. At over 1000 pages, this installment is an all day sucker of historical romance and well worth your time.

    The saga of Claire and Jamie continues in VOYAGER as Claire, who by 1968 has become an MD and is now chief of staff of a prominent Boston hospital, having discovered that Jamie did not die at Culloden in 1746, learns more about Jamie's hard life since they were forced apart 20 years ago. She is assisted in her research in Scotland by Roger Wakefield, an Oxford scholar and a Scot who is attracted to Claire's beautiful daughter, Brianna, the physical image of her father, Jamie. As the three conduct their research into the past, we become a part of Jamie's life during the years he did not have Claire. As life throws him one difficult challenge after another (living as an outlaw in a cave, prison, a servant in a rich man's house, manipulation and abuse by others, etc.), he remains a man of honor and integrity with a heart to serve and provide for those he loves, all the while longing for his lost love and the child she bore him he has never seen.

    Claire longs to rejoin Jamie in the past though she knows another passage through the standing stones to go back 200 years in time carries great risk. It is a risk she is willing to take because he is her heart.

    This is a well-told tale of a deep love that spans centuries and of the two lives deeply woven into the tapestry of Scotland's history. This is the only romance series I know of where the same romance flourishes in each is a tribute to Gabaldon's outstanding talent as a storyteller, one who sees into the hearts of people, that she can make it captivating. You want Jamie and Claire's love to go on forever.

    This book had me both laughing out loud and crying tears as it ripped at my own heart. I highly recommend it. And, should you need it, here's the list of the whole series in order:

    Outlander (1991)
    Dragonfly in Amber '(1992)
    Voyager (1993)
    Drums of Autumn (1996)
    The Fiery Cross (2001)
    A Breath of Snow and Ashes (2005)
    An Echo in the Bone (2009)
    Book eight (No Publication Date yet)
  • Nita Parker - My 1st tablet & I'm in love!Before I purchased this tablet I researched which 1 I wanted. This was the most reasonable for me in my price range. I LOVE my tablet! It's fast & the WiFi on it is great, absolutely no complaints!
  • Bama Farmer - A Must Read NOW!!Finally this author has been able to answer the questions that we all have concerning saving our nation and ourselves. This book will truly open your eyes to see how many of our politicians and non-believers have wittingly or unwittingly led our nation astray to its destruction. The author delves deep into the current threats to our nation's Constitution and our fundamental liberties, coming not from other nations but from within the USA.
    However, this is not another alarmist book. A Friend of Medjugorje does not conceal the threats to our freedom and says the full truth, but he is not a prophet of doom and gloom. Rather, his attitude is of hope and trust towards the future. Led by the guidance of his prayers and grace, he offers a solution to our present crisis. He shows a way that we can return our country to its roots, starting in our own hometowns with a return to the God of our forefathers that will heal our land.
    Every concerned citizen should read this book. It demonstrates how we can fight the federalism encroaching on our rights. It will tear the blindness from our eyes. It can renew this nation. DO NOT DISMISS THIS BOOK. It is a must read! It really and truly will change not only your life, but the way you look at things and your whole world around you.
  • Lord Blake - Wonderful price for the value!I was apprehensive about buying such a delicate material online, but seeing other reviews bolstered my confidence and i purchased a can. First off, it arrived very quickly, i received it at the door, and the postman must have caught a cold, since i saw him vomit when he was back in his van. I promptly opened and tested the quality of the ore, weighing it and checking it with my geiger counter app on my phone, and it was as described! Unfortunately, i don't have much of a use for it quite yet, haven't gotten around to constructing a laboratory under my house, so it's on display on a shelf next to my bed! Darn work is so time-consuming and stressful, i'm starting to lose my hair.