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  • prestgon - Super Helpful GuideUpon receiving book, I was put off by layout of book and font used with pages full to very edge of every page. HOWEVER, it only took a few pages to realize that this is a very unique and usefull book!
    "2012 Survival Guide" is very engaging and full of useful information with tons of websites to obtain more data on topic discussed.
    Best of all, in the most unexpected places, author Crystal Abrahams is incrediably amusing. The humor in this very serious book is well worth the cost of the book. Financial preparations, political background info, what to buy and not buy, as well as dealing with all age ranges is most valuable. Discussion of all disasters: weather, tornadoes, flooding tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and especially the uncoming 2012 problems of power, water and food shortages. Includes things to do in the fall of 2012, possible solutions to uncoming catastrophes, what everyone can do to prepare in advance and after the event. It is definally a serious book, fresh, packed with indepth information on our upcoming world wide problems, but includes numerous and wonderfully funny ways of looking at very serious problems.
    A MUST READ & WORTH EVERY PENNY .... buy it !!!!
  • Sailor - VERY HELPFUL IN CONJUNCTION WITH ELIMINATING MILK AND CHEESE FROM DIETI have had IBS with constipation since the 1990s and have used all sorts of treatments: prescription medication, ginger, other probiotics, slippery elm root, etc. to treat the bloating, distention and pain. Since taking Align (I've been using it over a month now), I have had no intestinal pain, bloating or discomfort. The gas does not appear to get trapped in my intestines anymore. I've read that adults who were given lots of antibiotics as children have IBS-like symptoms because the antibiotics killed off the good bacteria in the gut.

    Update: The pain and bloating came back after 3 months. I continue to take Align, but I cut out all cheese and cow's milk from my diet and switched to almond milk. I no longer have constipation, bloating or pain. I have had constipation issues for 45 years. I miss pizza and ice cream, but the benefits are worth it!
  • K. Barbella "Barbs" - Got this for my 2013 Jeep Cherokee 4WD LaredoThese fit almost perfect in the new 2013 Grand Cherokee model. The driver seat fits perfect, the passenger seat mat only has 1 opening to attach to the ground so it kind-of sits on top of the 2 original anchors however it doesn't slide so not a big deal. The back seat, one piece mat sits perfect as well, could be a little wider (reaching under the front seats). These are great, THICK, heavy duty mats that say "Grand Cherokee". Definitely worth the money and look really nice in the vehicle!
  • Rebekah D Amstutz - Love the new ExcelI have heard a lot of negative review about the new version of excel, but I think the reason is simply because folks are transitioning from the early Microsoft Office (pre 2010 which already boasted a TON of changes mostly dealing with just the look). This version is fairly comparable to 2010 except it is simply more visually pleasing, in my opinion.