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  • Ralph D. Hermansen - Doubt is Their Product"Doubt is Their Product" is a well researched and scholarly book. It is also tells a very sad story. The government we trust to keep us safe has put the foxes in charge of the henhouses. OSHA, for example, has been so intimidated that it has quit trying to protect us. The nuclear weapons industry has contaminated the countryside and used security as an excuse to hide the fact. The FDA has little to no funding to protect us from drugs with serious side effects. If you vote, you must read this book. If you work near chemicals, you would be an idiot not to read it.
    Ralph Hermansen 02/28/09
  • mimiofmany "Mandy" - Recommended by my doctor!It is not fun to talk about and it is certainly not fun to live with, but some of us live with gastrointestinal or digestion problems. I have all my life until my doctor recommended I try Phillips Probiotic CapsulesPhillips' Colon Health Probiotic Capsules, 30-Count Bottle. Fiber products always upset my stomach so I was not happy about trying the probiotic, and expected my stomach problems to increase. Imagine my surprise and delight when Phillips Probiotic not only did not upset my stomach but after regular use has caused me to have less gastro problems. I now take this every day and have for the past two years. In fact, I now purchase Phillips Probiotic through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.
  • Tammy D. Steiner - Want your skin to look and feel Amazing?Then use this right after you cleanse with Purity made Simple face wash, or just a little dab later in the day. WOW!! This stuff is truly amazing. My skin feels super soft and so clean. This face cream goes on so light and the small amount of fragrance is does have, just plainly smells clean. After you become an addict, like I am, you will associate the smell with all the great benefits this product has to offer. I am A HUGE FAN of Philosophy
  • Robert W.Myers,Sr. - very good issueThe new editor scores a hit with this,his premier issue.Stories like JACK OCONNORS'S LAST GUN,50 YEARS INSIDE WEATHERBY, AND GUNS OF THE HILLSVILLE COURTHOUSE TRAGEDY, make for interesting reading,I especially like tke fact that it wasn't cover to cover with ar15 types of guns.This is a hunter's and historians' issue !
  • Melissa Arnold - 1/2 way through- so far, so good!I'm half way through and so far I think the book is very insightful. There are things that have gone wrong in past relationships that I didn't understand, and Matt totally clears them up! He is very blunt about the way he says things, which I love. (I also fear he's a little optimistic!) As a woman IN a relationship, I think it's interesting to read the dynamics of one and how to keep it the healthy, loving relationship they all start as.