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  • Glinda2k - brilliant, gripping and disturbing futuristic taleAs usual, the book is richer and more detailed than the film. Suzanne Collins creates a society with a huge divide of power and resources between the 'haves' living in the city and the 'have-nots' living in the poorer rural districts with a sadistic annual ritual where the poor have to compete in a life or death game to entertain the rich
  • RP315 - Wonderful review guideExcellent product! The book was shipped very promptly and was in great condition! Would definitely recommend to other medical students as a comprehensive review book.
  • R. Neil Scott - Murder, Mystery, and Romance All in One!Rachel Parker returns to her childhood farm after a serious accident has left her unable to continue her riding career. What she does not realize (she thinks of it as a nightmare) is that as a child she witnessed a killer as he was disposing of his victim's body. Now, 25 years later, Rachel is trying to teach riding lessons and take care of her younger sister who is a victim of domestic abuse. The killer, known as "the watcher" tries to scare Rachel away by vandalizing her farm. Thus enters Police Chief Mike O'Connell who is determined to protect Rachel and falls in love with her while doing it. The characters in the book are developed well and the best part is you really don't know who "the watcher" is until the very end of the book. Mix in a little hot romance and this a great book.
  • Kat Dixon "katydid" - ONE of the Best Historical Novels WrittenI had never heard of Hilary Mantel before this book but am I glad I found her. Loved this book, the history, characters, couldn't get enough. I am sorry there is not a sequel. I am dying to read more about Henry the VIII. I had read the reviews of Wolf Hall and was scared off. Perhaps I shall pick that one up too!! If you love historical novels smartly written this is the one for you!! Bought the kindle edition on Amazon.
  • Tristan Gulliford - Are you prepared for 2012?In "Breaking Open the Head", Daniel Pinchbeck explored the landscapes of visionary states, writing about psychedelic substances, shamanism, and indigenous spirituality while also offering cultural criticism and insightful perspectives about our modern culture. Utilizing an unusual literary style of combining intellectual speculation with personal travelogue, Pinchbeck describes his experience of traveling to Gabon, Africa to experience the ritual of the plant Ibogaine and to learn from the wisdom of the Bwiti tribe. In "2012: The Return of Quetzacoatl" his journeys take him everywhere from the jungles of Brazil to partake in the healing ceremony of ayahuasca with the Santo Daime church, to the crop circle formations of Glastonbury, to the maniac streets of his East Village home, to the legendary Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.

    Throughout this mind-expanding intellectual adventure, Pinchbeck is guided by the benevolent spirit of Quetzacoatl: the mythological archetype of the rainbow feathered serpent. Invoking the presence of Quetzacoatl like a shaman would invoke a totem animal spirit, Pinchbeck challenges the accepted consensus reality of our rationalized, scientific worldview: the post-modern philosophy of materialism. Instead, he offers evidence for the thesis of philosophical idealism, which states that consciousness creates the material world, not the other way around.

    In the company of thinkers such as Michael Talbot, William Irwin Thompson, Rudolph Steiner, and Amit Goswami, Pinchbeck describes the cosmic mindstate of "nondualism" and transcending the traditional subject/object split, which is supported by the idea in quantum physics that the observer creates reality through the act of perception. To give credence to this view, Pinchbeck again chooses the unusual style of blending first-hand experience with intellectual philosophy, to emphasize the importance of subjective experience within science and the study of consciousness.

    While "2012" may be a daunting read for the uninitiated, the true seeker will find an insightful tome that hints at an emerging paradigm, a new worldview that synthesizes diverse ideas such as the nature of reality and the significance of non-linear time, shamanism, entheogens, magic, dreaming, reincarnation, indigenous prophecy, Ray Kurzweil's "technological singularity", the alien abduction phenomenon, quantum physics, the Burning Man festival, the looming mystery of the year 2012, Gnostic Christianity, crop circles, the secrets of the Mayan calendar, the works of Terence McKenna, Rudolph Steiner, and Carl Jung, the need for ecological and planetary awareness, and the possibility of unified consciousness.

    With its mixture of charm, wit, resonant prophecy, and deeply mystical knowledge, "2012" isn't a book that anyone will soon forget. Pinchbeck is one of the most fascinating and multi-faceted modern intellectuals. His message of the transformative potential of a psychic shift from our greedy, ego-based society to a compassionate and collaborative planetary culture is one that needs to be heard and absorbed into the public dialogue.