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  • Sherri Greer - Between the LinesJodi Picoult and her daughter are sheer genius! What a magnificent story line. The concept used in this book is awesome and makes one believe that fairy tales do come true! The intermingling of real feelings and relationships with characters of a book is amazing. I'll say it again - genius!
  • Gerald H. Sanders - No different from other versionsI have been using Quicken for close to twenty years, and unlike others, have had no problem with any of the versions, including 2013. The only reason that I upgraded from 2011 is that I purchased a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 8 Pro, and the Microsoft rep told me (I believe erroneously) that 2011 would not run on Windows 8 Pro. My install went perfectly. I have not tried to sync to the Quicken Cloud, and will not do so considering all the problems others have had. I am using Microsoft's Sky Drive for cloud storage which seems fine. Bottom line, I see no difference between 2011 and 2013 in functionality. Don't uprgrade unless you have to do so.
  • Atul Kumar - A much needed book whose time has comeMuch bigotry, brutality, hate and nonsense has been tolerated by innocent people in the name of religion. For many, religion or faith and similar entities and concepts have been the last resort for seeking "solace", "guidance", "compass" etc because there was no better alternative. Well finally, Sam Harris, has come to remove the veil of ignorance about science and morality not being at odds. He articulates why and how, science could and would do the same without having the collateral damage that most faith based religions. A must read for people who care about the most pressing issues of our civilization including war, poverty, inequity and prosperity.