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  • D. Fazekas - Very happy with the product!I have been using Quicken for more than 10 years. The product has come a long way since I first starting using it. I like the redesigned budget and debt reduction planners. I use almost every feature this software has to offer including the vast variety of reports. This software has help me reduce my debts significantly using the scheduling system, planning, money forecasting, and reports the software provides. I plan my finances for the entire year and use the projected balance feature to keep my finances in line with my financial goals. Yes the unexpected does happens and I have to readjust as time goes on, but it keeps me from spending my money wastefully.

    The product works very well for the most part. There are some corks, but I am overall satisfied with the upgrade and improvements. It is by far the best personal financial software on the market. No other product even comes close to what this product offers. It was well worth the upgrade in my opinion.
  • Dare2Dream - I have bad skin allergies--this lotion is AMAZINGPhilosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer, All Skin Types, 2 Ounce

    I am very frugal when it comes to face creams. I went to Sephora with a friend, however, and she talked me into trying this. It is AMAZING. I am in my mid forties and had been blessed with skin that has always made people guess I am a decade younger. Unfortunately it's been catching up with me. After only a week I can see a difference.

    COMMENTS ABOUT ALLERGY ISSUES IN OTHER REVIEWS: I saw the other reviews on here regarding allergies. If you have sensitive skin, I would not take this as an indication this will definitely inflame your skin. I have major skin allergies, my skin has turned bright red and puffed up on the first application of many different lotions. Generally I just get hives, which get worse and worse each time a lotion is applied. This has done nothing to my skin at all (other than improve it).

    If you are concerned, you can go to any Sephora and get a free sample to test out before purchasing. Use caution as to price. I originally purchased mine from Sephora, but purchased a new container from Amazon now, as I got a better deal.

    CON: It does not smell great. It has, what I feel, a medical smell to it. It reminds me of a hospital, for some reason. It is a light smell, however, not overpowering at all. I am pretty sensitive to smell, and it doesn't bother me. I only notice it when applying it.

    PRO: It even feels different when going on. It is not as greasy as the cheaper versions I've been purchasing in the drug store. It tightens my skin and is already reducing lines around my eyes and one crease I developed by my lip. It works! I don't say this lightly, I always go in sure something will make a difference and this actually has. It can be applied before makeup. I wait 10 minutes and then apply powder and my skin doesn't appear to be shiny at all.

    In closing, I found this to be a wonderful product that makes skin appear tighter, and fine lines disappear. I highly recommend it. I have one other recommendation. To adjust it to a night cream, add a drop of "Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Omega 3-6-9 Replenishing Oil". I simply asked Sephora for a free sample, and they put it in a small bottle. I use so little that I've not even made a dent on the free sample. If you have a Sephora near you (ours is inside a JC Penney, so look inside Major Department stores) I would request a sample of either or both products. It will leave your face somewhat greasy, so I would only do so at night. It will sink in as you sleep.
  • Shopgirl152ny - Amazing Story of Romance & Finding Your True Worth in Christ!This is an amazing story set during the time of Nehemiah of the Old Testament. Sarah, the fictional cousin of Nehemiah, is the queen's favorite scribe, a job usually held by men. She believes her worth is based on her achievements and that no one will want her for herself. When she does the queen a great service, a marriage is arranged for her to a wealthy Persian aristocrat. This means she must give up the job she loves to marry Darius, a self-involved man who couldn't possibly be happy with her for a wife. When she loses her job, her control, will she turn back to the God she believes abandoned her? Will she find where her true worth lies?

    This is well-written and actually a quite humorous story. Sarah is sarcastic and the wedding scene, while embarrassing and I felt for her and Darius, is also pretty amusing. I like the changes she goes through physically, spiritually, and emotionally throughout the story. I really like how she had to learn to go on after losing what she loves, to make a completely new life for herself. The Persian culture was fascinating to learn about. There's an excerpt included for the sequel and I'm looking forward to seeing what their future holds. This is definitely a must-read!

    I received this book free from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.
  • Grateful Girl - BEST DRUG BOOK EVER!!I have used "Drake & Drake" both in nursing and medical transcription since the 1990's. If I could have only ONE drug reference book, THIS WOULD BE IT. It's concise, cross-referenced, very easy to use - it is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Most of the time I have only needed to know the spelling, the cross-reference to brand names, and basically what it's used for. Short & sweet, PERFECT for the "quick lookup," especially when trying to figure out what medicines my patients are on when sometimes all we can think of is the first letter or two. LOVE THIS BOOK!
  • American Boy "Harry" - "Best of the Bunch"I resent buying internet security software that slows my computer down to a crawl, messes up other programs, and gives me a lot of extra work. There is nothing gratifying about my having to get the bugs out of a program that should have worked flawlessly, in the first place.

    McAfee Internet Security 2013, created big problems for me. It declared war on every program I installed, and a few that had been working perfectly, when Norton was protecting my computer. I uninstalled the McAfee program, and replaced it with Kaspersky 2013, which I purchased from Amazon at a significant savings, in addition to Prime Membership's lightning fast free shipping.

    I love the Kaspersky product! It's silent, but extremely deadly, to malware, viruses,spyware, and everything else that may try to invade and destroy my Lenovo V570.

    Running it seems to have sped up my computer, and considering that it was never advertised to do that, I'm even more pleased than I had hoped for.

    Prior to reading reviews on Amazon, I had never even heard of Kaspersky. Now, I recommend it to everyone I know; and after they use it, they text me to say "Thank you."