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  • mary knight - orgreenic 10" nonstick skillet

    I LOVE my Orgreenic skillet. One thing they don't mention in the ads: I can get distracted while cooking, and (in my old skillet), next thing I knew, I had a smoky house because I'd forgotten about the stove. Today, I was absentminded again. I had two eggs in the brand new Orgreenic skillet, no oil or butter, then went to the basement to do a laundry, got involved in cleaning, and 45 minutes later, remembered my eggs. I dashed upstairs, certain there would be a smoke-filled house and a ruined skillet. However, there was absolutely no smoke, no charred food, just overcooked eggs (the cooktop was set on medium-6). There was not even anything to clean up! This is when I decided I love my skillet. This would be a great item for busy or forgetful people. The next eggs I made did not stick to the skillet at all. So, I highly recommend this item. NOTE: I took great care to season my skillet per the instruction manual. I seasoned it twice, in fact.

  • BioHazard - Ipad Rocks

    I always used Android tablets for both work and personal, but just switched to the IPad mini . This was one of the best choice of my life. It was one of the most easiest tablets to learn by far and has everything I needed for both work and personal. I would recommend this to everyone for everything from personal, school and work.

  • Betty Adler - Wonderful Writing

    I loved this book as well as WOLFHALL. History is one of my favorite subjects and this author obviously did a great deal of research to write these books. I found her use of Thomas Cromwell as the speaker throughout both books was fascinating. I have heard that her third volume has been published in England but is not yet available in the United States. I can't wait to read it.