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  • Kevin Holihan - Beautiful story of hope, courage and successTorn from her parents as a young child when they were taken by the forces of Mao to be "re-educated" in the countryside, Ping is a true symbol of the American dream come true. Forced into factory work at a young age, she used the experience to grow, and didn't dwell on the cruelty or unfairness of working long hours, raising her baby sister by herself, or even completing her military service before the age of 13. Assembling radios taught her basic electronics, making car parts taught her engineering and operating a milling machine taught her how to read mechanical drawings. She overcame her fear of heights and, at the age of 15, wired the lighting system of an entire factory. All of these experiences and lessons stayed with her and served her well once she was given the unique opportunity to attend college in the United States. The disadvantages of her poor education did not stop her (she didn't understand fractions), nor did money (she had only the exact amounts of the airfares for her trip, so she was $5 short of her local airfare to the college location because the fare went up -luckily an American Good Samaritan gave her the money) and 18 months after her arrival on our golden shores, she was excelling in her studies even with a full credit load, working two jobs, owned a car and lived in her own rented apartment. She goes on to found Geomagic, a pioneer in the field of 3D printing and, of course, becomes an American citizen! Agreat story, told with feeling.
  • MiaUNLEASHED . com - Kills Cold Sores!Winter is here and, along with it -- cold sores. They're unattractive and they hurt. For me, it always starts with dry, cracked lips and worsens from there. I have a cold sore right now. Or, I should say, I had a cold sore. It's almost completely gone thanks to Orajel's Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment and I owe it all to Smiley360 for giving me the chance to try to amazing product for free in exchange for honest feedback.

    When Orajel says healing begins with just one dose, they weren't kidding! It's only been 48 hours and my cold sore is almost completely gone! The pain was relieved instantly upon application resulting in a blissful numbing sensation around the affected area as the the medication did it's job. I really like the unique touch-free design too, which allows you to clean the sore without further contaminating it with dirt and/or bacteria that might be your hands.

    All in all, I am extremely pleased with the results and will be carrying these in my purse from now on as a quick, easy, and effective cold sore treatment.
  • Love Romance - Excellent New Paranormal SeriesI really enjoyed This first installment of Nalini Singh's new paranormal series. The first 50 pages started a little slow for me but once I understood the drift of the Psy Net, it drew me in. I had a hard time putting the book down since I was eager to know what was going to happen next. Although this series has a little Sci-fi characteristics, readers who love paranormal romance should try this series since it is also about changelings. The hero, Lucus Hunter is a both human and animal and meets all the charateristics of a yummy alpha hero. He reminds a little of Lori Leighs changling heroes but better. Definately not a series to miss for paranormal romance readers.