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  • Jilly Bean "JB" - Great product...BUT BE FOREWARNEDOnly writing this because I see that someone had some hair issues as a result of this. :( Woldn't want someone else ot make the same mistake.

    THIS is a PROTEIN Treatment.
    A reconstructor, I think.

    The purpose of a protein treatment is to strengthen hair. If your hair is limp, stretches to a great extent when pulled, mushy, breaking, etc... then this would helpful to you.

    If your hair is dry, brittle, taut when pulled, with no give, 'breaking' then this would most likely increase your issues. Because it will make the hair dryer, even more brittle and more prone to breakage.
    You'd most likely need MOISTURE--conditioners and shampoos that moisturize the hair, i.e.,
    1. Nexxus Humectress,
    2. Elucence MB
    3. Aubrey Organics
    4. Keracare Humecto, etc...

    You're not supposed to use this product as you would a regular condition. And you have to know how to assess your own 'hair health' to know if your issue even warrants the treatment.
    The same rules apply whether you're relaxed or natural (to varying degrees)...because 'black' hair is dry hair. The driest of all hair types, I think. Black hair thrives on moisture.
    Although--I suspect that relaxed hair may be drier because of the chemicals. Anyway--this is the main reason why it breaks. This is why some ppl have the impression that 'black hair can't grow'.
    It can...you just have to know how to work around the main issue.
    You have to know how to care for black hair properly.

  • A. Kubacki - Great ProductMy doctor recommended this product, and after almost three weeks, I have to say that I do feel better. I am more comfortable and going more normally. With IBS, this is not often the case. I would recommended this product to anyone with IBS.