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  • Karigig "Karigig" - LOVE LOVE LOVE this Product!Bare Escentuals i.d. Foundation is everything they say it is. Weightless, pure and soft with completely mistake proof application. I began using B.E. several years ago and I will continue to use B.E. until I can no longer lift my arm to apply it. It covers every imperfection big or small, and leaves your face feeling like you have nothing on. It blends flawlessly and you can have as much coverage as you would like or need by simply buffing more on.
    I recommend this to every woman in the world. I've tried the other mineral makeups as they've come out but not a single one compares to Bare Escentuals bareMinerals.
    Try it and you will be hooked for life.
  • LT73 - The Haters' bias has certainly clouded good judgement...The Haters' vision has certainly clouded good judgement. This OS it not only beautiful, it is incredibly easy to use, versatile, and fun. There. I said it. Bring on the "fanbois" comments. I have big shoulders. I have been in the IT industry for 14 years. I have been building computers for 20 years. I own Apple products (Macbook Air, 21" iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). None of my Apple products hold a candle to Windows 8. None. Period. Windows 8 offers the best of two worlds: Tablet mode which I want when I am consuming/playing (i.e. Surfing the net, playing games, social media etc.) and desktop mode when I want to get something done(i.e. Work on a spreadsheet, Word document, Organize files/folders, etc.). I probably should not be surprised to see all the haters taking shots at Micro$soft - After all, they are an easy target. That said, it's difficult to argue against what Microsoft has delivered here. I give this product a 9.8/10. I would have given them a 9.9, but I had to create my own Shutdown button in the task bar.
  • Paul W. Burgess II "Paul" - A Lost MasterpieceFor whatever reason, several critics and fans seem to either dislike or not appreciate this Floyd masterpiece. Animals is a chillingly dark, innovative, and powerful album that rewards multiple listens but due to its heavy guitar and more straightforward (less atmospheric) music, it is easier to get into on first listen than many of their albums. The first and last song (Pigs on a Wing 1 and 2) are effective bookends to the album, but it is the middle section comprised of three longer songs, Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep, that really shines. Each of the three aforementioned tracks ranks among the band's finest ever. The sound effects are minimal, typically just animal sounds along with lots of guitar and (yes effective and not annoying)synth. Gilmour's playing on this album is truly phenomenal and his vocals are good, though Waters beigns to take more of a lead vocalist role on this album. Waters's dramatic vocals are the right choice and lend urgency to the songs; Gilmour has a good voice but it would not have worked as well as Roger's here. The lyrics are darkly reminiscent of Animal Farm and the music is very unique with hints of Floyd classics (such as some recycled riffs and motifs, even sound effects such as the dog barking that orignally appeared on Meddle's "Seamus,"but rather than bog the album down, they somehow enhance it)and some music that sounds like nothing else I've ever heard. My favorite track is the snarling Pigs, with its brilliant lyrics, ("You're almost a laugh, but you're really a cryyy!"), frantic vocals, cool interplay of synth/pig effects with the vocals, and Gilmour's tasy guitar at the end. Animals is truly a special album and should not be missed. Any true Floyd fan will find it interesting, if not brilliant (I obviously find it brilliant;)!