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  • DeusEx - Does the trickLove 'em or hate 'em McAfee makes a decent enough product. I don't like dealing with their technical support but their product is more or less hands off and in most cases automatic and "maintenance free." Amazon maintains a good price (currently under $20) for a one year subscription. Even at under $30 it's a decent deal. Set this up once to thoroughly scan your machine once per week. Use the built in firewall and other included extras and this can all but save you from yourself when it comes to harmful sites and programs. Just make sure you give this full premission an don't allow windows to take over. I periodically check in the Control Panel to make sure windows firewall is off. The system will still showed as secure if you have a 3rd party virus software and firewall installed. As I said above, the real key to not getting infected with virus and adware is to stay off of sites with questionable content, this cannot protect you from the junk that collects from professional spam sites. Any site that is giving you free content for what others charge for is a spam site. Also be cautious with downloads. Always scan them before running them. I'm a four year user of McAfee and have only had one incident that I can complain about. As I stated above, it was certainly something I picked up while on a site that I should've stayed away from. In plain and simple terms people think virus sofeware should tank armor for your PC. Bottom line its bullet proof vest. It will stop the normal everyday concerns, but it's not going help you if you insist on walking in war zone.
  • Patrick J. Corcoran - Class ActThe other reviews I read were all from women so I wasn’t sure if this was a chick book (like a chick flick). Trust me this no chick (flick) book. Another review quoted someone else saying it was not well written. Quite the contrary.

    Like the early Grisham books I couldn’t stop reading it. I couldn’t wait to read what happened next. The news reports never told the entire story of what Elizabeth had endured at the hands of these evil people. This book does.

    With all of the bad things we read about every day such as the knock out game, people losing their health insurance and doctors and a president who lies with impunity, it was refreshing to ready about a girl of faith. Elizabeth survived because of her strong belief in God. She believed her recently deceased grandfather was watching out for her. She believed in angels and miracles. She prayed and had her prayers answered.

    You will not feel dirty after reading the disgusting things these people did (and they did) and you will not feel sorry for Elizabeth. Because Elizabeth is the embodiment of purity, class, grace and character, after reading this book you’ll feel uplifted because Elizabeth has blessed you with her qualities.
  • Linda N. Huneycutt - At Home in Mitford - By Jan KaronThe book gets right down to LIFE.. it is easy reading, and I found myself saying "I will read just one more chapter..."! (could not seem to find a good place to stop.) Was also so nice to read about LIFE ... Life the way it is.. or at least may I say, the way it used to be... I I loved it.. I have now gone on to the next book "A Light in the Window". Seems the next book is ever bit as good as book number 1...Thank you...
  • SilviaBC - I'm amazedI bought this product for my daughter who has tried every otc and prescription antiperspirant. When googling botox treatments and surgery, I came across sweat block and decided to order it. My daughter was skeptical but decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks she thought it might work (did not sound very encouraging) but a few weeks later asked if I could order more because it worked. What a relief!