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  • Charles Miske "Author, Mountaineer" - Perfect Athletic LinerI got these based on the recommendation in Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes for solving black toenail and between-toe blister problems.

    I've worn two pair in rotation for over 300 miles of running now, and had no issues with reduced lifespan. I've had no toe blisters, or black toenails, and have run between 4-10 miles per day on treadmills, roads, and dirt trails.

    I wear these as liners, as intended, normally under PhD Running Light Mini Sock - Men's by SmartWool, but sometimes under bike socks.

    Notes for increasing longevity:

    1) do not push down between your toes. pinch them on top and bottom of your toe and slide/wiggle it over your toe. If it's a bit "baggy" on a smaller toe, don't stress - it's fine. do not slide the heel or upper portion of the sock over your heel until the toes are all in. that will help prevent overstretching the toe pocket bases.

    2) as "liners" you can just dry them between runs and wear them for 10 or so runs between washes. I wash them in warm water in a short cycle with my other running clothes and socks, then hang all of it to dry.

    3) when you remove them, do #1 in reverse - slide the upper/heel down to your instep, then pull the ends of the toes a bit to loosen them all, then off.

    #1 and #3 really only take a few seconds and these will last a lot longer if you take that few seconds to do it right.
  • Mouza Al Suwaidi - You Simply Need to Learn The Language of Your System!If you have any intestinal disorder this is the right track for you to reverse the cycle and to be able to communicate with your system and understand it in order to regain your health, and enjoy your life just like the rest of us.

    A year after my mother's death, I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The doctor who first saw me said her body is fighting itself, and stopped all food, except a one litre of water mixed with it an elemental powder for more than 4 months. Also, he put me on steroids to bring my symptoms down.

    At the same time other two specialists from two different hospitals insisted on me going for a surgery to cut part of the intistine, of course I refused that because I had the hope that I will be able to break the cycle.

    While reading a story about an Indian guy who was suffering from Cronhs too, I found at the end that he is recommending this book as he also tried it and was able to recover. When I saw the cover picture of the cover page in amazon I remembered that I bought this book before, then only I felt more excited to put it in action.

    Following the book I was able to eat pretty a lot like any normal person without suffering that much. I just needed to ignore the list of food I have to avoid. And finally after a couple of weeks I was able to see results.

    I'm currently 31, first was diagnosed in 2001 with Crohn's. After 1.5 year being on medication I found out about this approach. Since then I have not touched any medication and have not visited a doctor for Crohn's except in 2008 for colonoscopy where the doctor couldn't belive his eyes that there is no sign that I have Cronhs saying that my intistine looks pink and healthy like if I have never suffered from any disease before in my life. All internal Medicine doctors in my country whom I have been transferred to to prescribe for me vitamins hate me because I refuse to follow their offers to start taking any intistine related medications. They in fact find me to be careless, although I look 100% healthy and symptoms free when I don't eat food that irritates my system. All what everyone of us really need is to understand his/her own system. That's it!

    After being on this diet for several years, I regained my life fully again. Besides this diet and taking care of the vitamins required and exercise, I take L-Glutamine tablets, constantly drink Saleb which works to balance the mocus in the stomach and intestine, enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals in food. Drink carrot juice before bed. During the day I also drink water with a squeeze of lemon to stay really hydrated. These are few things I'm doing right now to maintain my health. I'm living in peace again even I look far better than people who are believed to be healthy.

    Elaine, I can't thank you enough..
  • Antony Rosellini - Amazing T.V. Better than Panasonic PlasaOk so buying a T.V. can be maddening. There are a lot of choices out there. I have looked at massive reviews both professional and customer. I went into the store to buy the new Panasonic 55 St60. Cnet gave this Panasonic it's highest recommend. So with me excited about purchasing this T.V., watching Blu-ray's, playing video games (which is very important to me) and seeing some awesome technology my wife turned my day upside down. She started pointed to this television which was next to the Panny. Then I played with the remote and used the Picture Wizard II which is a self help calibration tool that should be the standard for all televisions. I kid you not I had this set looking better than any T.V. in the store. Other customers noticed and even the employees were a little taken aback. So we purchased it. After two weeks I was having remorse because every review is talking about the St60 Panasonic. So I was going to return it but my wife again stepped in lol. And people she has never really cared about what the picture looks like. Especially to those of us who do the research and want the Best. Period. Tonight I thanked her and told her she had an eye for a great picture. I talked my Dad into buying the Panasonic St50 last year and we were over today watching it. Great T.V. don't get me wrong. But here is the deal..
    The colors Pop on this LG. When you calibrate it and please play with the settings and use the PICTURE WIZARD the blacks are black, the white's are white and the Contrast is near perfect. Video Games look amazing and no BLUR. Blu-ray's are jaw dropping. And I had a 2008 Sony XBR LCD that looked good. This blows it away.
    Smart T.V. is huge for us. We were using the PS3 for Vudu, Amazon, etc. Now we stream right from the television. And the LG's smoke the competition when it comes to using this feature. We just finished Game of Thrones in HDX and amazing picture. Also the update feature is key. You can either manually do it or you have the option to do automatic updates. Sweet Feature for us. So if you want a smart T.V. go look at the reviews on the LG's.
    Sound: This television has the best sound on the market. Period. We have it on 6 or 8 for regular TV and 13 to 14 for movies. It goes much, much higher than that. No Sound Bar required unless that's a must for you. Amazing sound.
    4 HDMI Ports. This is VERY important for someone like myself. Cable box, Ps3, Xbox 360, and Wii-U. So many televisions even in 2013 only come with three ports. so the 4th port was huge.
    So: I'm not trying to talk anyone out of buying a Panasonic Plasma. They are a sweet television in my opinion. Sweet. But I surprised myself and other people when they see this picture. My dad is bummed because he likes the Pop of Contrast colour's this T.V. turns out. The plasma's are amazing at getting that true black I love it. However when looking at these two Televisions side by side, the Plasma looked a little greyed out compared to this.
    It really comes down of course to what do you like. What are your needs and what benefit does the T.V. your buying have to meet those. And of course does it look great watching it. This television is AMAZING and priced great. For those reviews of those who have had problems I'm sorry. As consumers we are all rolling the dice and it's unfortunate to me. My opinion is every store should honor a two year or one year return policy no questions asked. The reason is technology is moving so fast that the life-span is not long and they are all tempermental. Burn in issues, power block problems, etc, etc. We should not have to suffer as consumers when we are all basically beta-testers while they make more advanced sets. AKA 4K which has arrived already. So when we spend our hard earned money on these fun Toy's at least when they fail switch them out and take care of us as customers.
    So Glad my Wife put her foot down on this television. Great buy you won't be disappointed I hope. Good luck I hope this review helps.
  • The Hermit "The Hermit" - The Road - the ultimate Black Mass added to a twisted Dark Ambient mixThis film and it's book is for people like me - and those who can appreciate them for what they stand for - those who know that there's an endlessness out there whose energy , chasm and raw power source cannot be anticipated or controlled or explained in proper terminology by the use of language. Authors such as myself and Conrad Williams are therefore terrifyingly difficult to understand and perhaps even like for some people. We come like thiefs in the night and we steal away peoples'hopes for an end of the book , and their attempts to rationalize away the possibility that something like this might come - in this case an apocalypse brought by electronic storms caused by global cooling. Because of how realistic the novels of Conrad William are and perfectly suited for large studios or filming in deserted areas like the Las Vegas desert , people don't want to believe that they can actually happen in real life. The Road is a 'politically incorrect post apocalyptic book', plain and simple. And that makes the Road bad for big bussiness. What's even worse for big bussiness is the success the Road reached. People felt motivated by the father's love for his son and that is what kept the story going - the man's love for the boy and the boy's love for him in turn. Not some kind of 'truth'. This book isn't about the truth at all - it's about the human condition under extremes our civilization has endured in the past. Mankind has experienced all kinds of remote apocalyptic events , extinctions of whole species , alien invasions , world wars , plagues which sometimes felt unreal. All these things have happened in one form or another - including today's not much talked about violence against corrupt puppet politicians who have represented federal powers instead of the people. Thus said , the Road succeeds so well as a movie that it can be played out in ritualistic settings during extreme survival scenarios. Authors like Conrad usually don't dwell upon Christian apocalyptic scenarios even though they may be very well meaning Christians in some cases , because they know that today , apocalyptic novels composed from a Christian perspective don't work for small bussiness but for big bussiness and big money. They don't want to travel that Road , so instead , they have decided to travel the Road less travelled. For me , the Road was a perfect film to watch alone and a very well done portrayal about cannibalism.
    The main hero keeps covering up that he has been a cannibal to the rest of his epic journey accross the American wilderness which is increasingly exposed to the full time effects of global cooling. Finally he has to pay for having lied to the boy with his life. Bad for big bussiness books and movies , or non - mainstream litterature which would later be turned into films usually do not get good reviews or many amounts of good reviews because big bussiness doesn't like that to happen. Originally , films like Close Encounters didn't get positive reviews in film criticism works because that was considered bad for bussiness. Cannibalism is a fact of human life , it's still going on just like mass human sacrifices to some deranged deities are still going on as well , except not openly like in the past but rather sort of covertly. People turn over to those they think can offer them better solutions during extreme circumnstances , even if that means they may be considered to be imaginary saviors. The best way to experience the Road is to actually put yourself in it's situation with two opposing factions - whose sides you may be forced to pick. Such rites make it possible to understand such books and the films they are based on as The Road , much better , because they enhance the senses to the point of total mental , physical and emotional exhaustion. In turn , no stupid , unnecessary political advise is followed - the truth is layered out before you plain , bare. That's the moment you become psychic and all hell breaks loose and every sick , perverted and deranged fantasy as well as honest to - goodness fantasy comes to life before those flawed senses. Is that reality? You be the judge! Thus the Road works like a long , twisted dark ambient song which doesn't get easily noticed for what it is , a thoroughly played out , dark ambient melody whose terror is not fully realized until usually afterwards or though watching again. The perfect exercise in the direct experiencing of existential angst.
  • Merrie - Seems like someone organized a mass downratingAnyone can see the downrating of Spore is due to some sort of organized group from a forum. Hey guys, we hate EA and we hate DRM so lets go downrate a game that we havent' even played yet.

    I played, I loved it and there is no reason not to buy and it and have fun. I gave it 5 stars.