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  • Riverboat - Great Book with Interesting ConclusionsThis is an interesting book even for Christians. It attempts to shed light on the real historical Jesus and to try to separate the facts from myth in the Bible. This book may upset some people but should not detract from the Christian beliefs that our religion espouses since all religions rely on faith to carry us through some disputed accounts of Jesus' life. I enjoyed the authors work and agree with most of his conclusions. It is also interesting that there has been controversy with different ways to organize our Christian religion since the time of the twelve Apostles and their disagreement with Paul on the goals of the church.
  • Tom Burger - Bought it for a friendThe author thoroughly revises this book every year to account for the ever evolving methods of companies finding good candidates and the development of new tools for finding a new job or modifying one's career. My friend tends to shun advice and help, but in a weak moment, and with nothing else at hand for her to read, she picked it up almost a month after delivery. I just got a call with those wonderful words we all love to hear, "Your were right and I was wrong." Of course the acid test will be to see if she works the exercises and actually discovers a more rewarding line of work, or at least finds a more rewarding role in the work she currently does, which is medical billing. My advice to everyone else? Don't get into medical billing.
  • Alana Joy - Perfect for on-the-go!I have and LOVE the Bumbleride Flyer... however purchased this stroller for travel and running around. It's super easy to snap my B-Safe carseat directly into it and GO. It folds up SUPER easily and fits better in the trunk of my convertible. The Bumbleride is great for an afternoon at the park or neighborhood walks however for running errands and airplane flying, the B-Agile has been amazing. Lightweight, ease of use, quality product. Better than expected, very pleased.
  • Henry C. Diem "HDiem" - Inventor 2013I am veteran AutoCAD user. I started in 1989 with AutoCAD 2.6, through the years I have used most of the Autodesk products, finding the time to "Take a Class" has become hArder. The tutorials along with the "Mastering" series of books is how I train myself. This is book is a great book to keep up with the latest product enhancements.
  • bookwork86 - Great Gift/E-ReaderI am so addicted to my kindle fire. It's a little heavier than the keyboard kindle, but the possibilities are endless.
    This has so many apps that you can download, it's crazy. I love that I can change the backlight, font, size...etc. to fit my mood of reading. With a simple swipe of the fingers i'm on to the next page and I don't have to stop to turn the page.
    Don't get me wrong, reading from a book is great too, but this is exactly what I needed. This way I can keep all my favorite books in one device!
    I would reccomend this product to anyone. It's awesome