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  • Mildred Dasher - Coulter shines againHere is another review from someone who actually read the book and is not merely interested in belittling Ms. Coulter's work.

    I found "How to Talk to a Liberal" to be a brave, thoughtful look at our culture and our government. Rather than bow at the altar of political correctness, Coulter has the brains and moxy to make strong statements about our America.

    Does she do it for shock value? Sure. And it works for this reader. I feel emboldened by this book and less willing to compromise on issues of right and wrong. Coulter's courage is what the conservative side needs: an unblinking affirmation of its dearest values.

    Some will be upset by Coulter's assertions in regard to religion and gender, but the criticisms of Coulter's statements are always as dogmatic as her own and as "intolerant" as her own. This femme fatale is consistent, strong, and a wonderful example for us all.

    Sing it, Ann.
  • Cat Lady "avid reader" - My second order was as great as my firstGreat product. I underwent surgery, and with all the drugs my system was off. Gas, bloating, etc. I started taking this product and things improved dramatically. If you are going to have surgery start this as soon as possible. Make sure to let your doctor know first, of course, but my surgeons said no problem, good idea.
  • D. Dubei "ioancuza" - Excellent External DriveI've used this drive (4 TB) for over six months now and it's worked fantastic, just as intended. i have not had any problem with it, and i've used it day and night over the last six months. I'm not getting into the technical stuff. Just simply based on use, this drive has worked exactly as it is supposed to. Worth the money.
  • Connie R. Johnston "RaznDazln" - Works as promisedI have to admit I was skeptical but $35 for the tube seemed reasonable to try versus $90 per mole removal by my doctor. I read the pamphlet, followed the instructions and the mole was gone in just a few days. I love it!! For some reason as we get older we get more of these uglies....this product worked. I am so happy I tried it.
  • Skin Care Geek www.cureacneathome.com "More ... - A highly effective ance treatment product, but...Proaciv is a highly effective acne treatment brand but, here's the catch - you have to keep at it. Firstly, it takes a few weeks before you see significant results. This is the case for any acne treatment product really - you just HAVE to be consistent and give it time. So, folks looking for a quick solution to their problem (i.e. - clearing up your skin in time for prom or a wedding, for example) will be disappointed.

    Secondly, it is not a magic potion capable of "curing" acne. Once you stop using the product, your acne will return unless you take active steps to maintain the health of your skin. It is often believed that merely using a product can be the only change made to help your skin. Clear skin is about more than just using the right brands.... having clear skin is about understanding skin.

    Overall, I'd say use this product if you can afford to consistently buy it. If you can't, understand the ways to help keep your skin healthy since, if you don't take those steps, it's HIGHLY likely that you will be disappointed once you stop using Proactiv.