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  • Tracy H. Stuart - True Virtual TrainingBeing an avid gym member and preaching how important a workout regimen is, is the norm for me. I was a fan of Wii Fit since it's inception. I use EA Active Sports and recently purchased Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Kinect and must say THIS IS THE BEST VIRTUAL WORKOUT/FITNESS game EVER!

    Initially, Kinect players may not like the fact that it goes through the tutorial before you really get going but it's quick and painless (watching not doing - take note) It's individualized and based on your age and weight, it will tell you how many calories each day you need to burn then determine the proper workout to achieve those goals.

    I will use this for the day I can't get to the gym or as a supplement to my current routine.
  • Brunette Librarian - Heartbreaking and grippingEveryone knows the story of Elizabeth Smart, or at least the most bare bones details. She was taken from her home in the dead of night in June of 2002 by David Mitchell, a self-proclaimed prophet. She was 14 years old at the time and taken from her bed that she happened to be sharing with her younger sister. She was to be another of his “wives.” Helping him in his evil planning and kidnapping was his wife, Wanda Barzee. They kept Elizabeth, inflicting terrible physical, mental, and sexual abuse for almost nine months.

    Well written, Elizabeth tells in her own words the events leading up to her rescue and the hellish events that took place during her captivity. Raped daily, forced to take drugs and alcohol, and regularly threatened the lives of her family. I think what really got to me was the emotional and mental toll Elizabeth had during these nine months. On the outside, this is absolutely horrific, but once you factor in a 14 year old girl was going through this, with her 14 year old insecurities and views of the world, it will blow your mind and break your heart.

    Smart’s My Story is a testament to human survival and hope for the future. Having seen Elizabeth speak, I think my enjoyment of the book was enhanced. Heartbreaking but with a beautiful ending, My Story will show that there is true evilness in this world while also showing there is still love.
  • Angela C. Larson - pretty amazingAfter years of suffering and no diagnosis, I was weak to the point that I couldn't even wash my hair in the shower without exhaustion and pain. I really thought there would just be a day when I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I prayed and prayed for whatever was wrong with me to be revealed. After what seemed like every test under the sun, my gastro doctor had me perform a breath test, which revealed a high level of bad bacteria in my small intestine (SIBO). He basically told me to stay away from milk, take a special antibiotic, and all would be well. He was wrong. I was still so miserable. A nutritional panel was run, and I was deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals. My intestines were not absorbing nutrients. After doing my own research, I came upon this book. I can honestly say that this is what saved me. I followed the diet very strictly, and after about four months, I started to feel like myself again. I do take vitamin supplements, and I cannot live without the yogurt (regular cow's milk). After 2+ years, I am still not able to eat many foods. I have decided that if I want to feel well, this is the basic diet I need to follow. Is it easy? NO. But it is so much better than the alternative. I wish doctors were more educated about nutrition. It is truly the key to overall well-being.