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  • Dean! - Great for entrepreneurs!Quicken Legal Business Pro Contract & Forms 2011 is easy to install and took less than 2 minutes.

    After installation, it will ask you to "web update" which I recommend in doing so (however not mandatory if you do not have online access at the time). This will keep all of your forms current and accurate. The program is intuitive and will guide you through all the steps for the correct legal form.

    The program has drop down menus of different categories and you choose the appropriate form.

    Click once on the form and it will give you a description of what the form is for. You are able to view examples of the document as well. Double-click on the form and it will provide a more in-depth description of the form and what information is needed before you begin.

    The program is very user-friendly and guides you through all of the necessary fill-in-the-blanks. On the left of your screen is a pane that explains each section you are filling in.

    When you are done, you can view, edit and print.

    The program has a section that is in PDF format that offers helpful hints and guides to running and starting a business to legalities and contracts for the business.

    There is even an online section that is offered by Nolo that gives more information such as ways to find a business lawyer and an online legal dictionary.

    This program is perfect for the beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur. All the forms you would need are right here in one spot. A nice touch is that it includes a book of legal advice for everyday life.

    I am very impressed with the product and highly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Eftyking "Eftyking" - Prime is greatI guess I feel lucky considering some people seem to be getting lemons. My Prime has been great.

    They just did a firmware update and all seems great. It seems to have fixed some issues. I think it is normal to have some of the issues we see because it is so new.

    My Wifi is fine. No issue with booting or restarts.

    I did a speed test and the tablet out performed even the Prime's own benchmark score.

    I got the dock also. Amazing. Really cool how it starts charging the tab as soon as you plug it in.

  • Sapphire - Love Quickbooks!!QuickBooks has come such along way since 2003. This product is so user friendly and I recommend it to all my clients. I am a freelance bookkeeper and have used it since 2003. The reporting is easy to use and customize. The product has tutorials you can watch to help you through anything you don't understand. Great for small businesses.

    Recommend it highly to everyone!!
  • Gene Mirick Malacad - Great Antivirus and It's easy to install.I've been using Norton 360 for a year and it never disappoints me at all. I had a great 1 year experience with it. As it nearly expires, I try to look for another Norton product to renew my antivirus and I stumble on this premier edition. There's a lot of new features as well compared to the regular 360 and I love the back up tool the most. So far it's a great product and Im hoping to have a great time with it for another year.