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  • Santeria "Son of Tazz" - Excellent CreationEver since I found Easy CD Creator 4, I knew that I was on to a great product, and as Roxio bought it, took away elements, then developed these with separate versions, it has finally come together in a way that is more than the sum of its parts. About the only thing that I could suggest someone to buy in addition to this product, is the 4 main SLYSOFT.COM products that complement ROXIO CREATOR.
    Roxio now lives and Breathes the Multimedia suite to the fullest extent since version 7 or 9.
    The way music ( more properly, audio in this case), photos of all sorts, Videos ( of very MANY sorts), and the Burn to Backup or burn to alternate disc, makes this is a real necessary supplement.The editing tools that this suite possesses just surpass almost all others outside of the AVID video suite, and whilst you can do 3D, its kind of ho hum. Especially if you combine this with Slysoft, you will realize the useful roles this utility can play.
    I tested this on a number of platforms, and whilst XP Pro had the easiest time, it does need more memory for standard systems. Vista is a workable item if you really must, but where you better test it before hand is on the Windows 7 Systems. Whilst Windows 7, 32 bit is mostly good, you can get some very good function from Windows 7, 64 bit, but be very careful with ATI cards, AMD Chips, and Acer, as well as ASUS systems that can stop you dead within the first 3 minutes of install. If you can work out a compatible driver package, if you HAVE to use Windows 7, then it works extremely. XP Pro, with Boosted Memory and great Chips make it go very well.
  • ForwardBias - Great tablet, issues all appear resolved to meI got the tablet about 4 days ago so just after the ICS firmware release. So far it has been flawless for me. Everything runs great and I've only run into the GPS issue which seems to have since been fixed. I hate to write one of those glowing reviews for a controversial product that tends to get ignored but this has genuinely been my experience thus far.

    I know this has been one of the complaints but for me I haven't found this to be an issue. I have a two story house plus finished basement. I can use the tablet from anywhere in the house and even outside without losing signal (that is not dropping connection obviously as I get further away the meter reports lower signal). So I can't complain here, I was using it from my car as we pulled out of the driveway and it wasn't until after we got a house or two away before it completely stopped.

    Initially I couldn't get a GPS lock at all though largely I wasn't concerned since I never really considered that important for my use since my phone would be far more likely to be used for that. After a firmware update yesterday though the GPS instantly locks and seems to work fine though (noticed this while showing someone the tablet today and they asked about the issue). I've tried repeatedly and every time it has worked fine.

    Outside of those issues I think universally people have liked the rest of the tablet and for me I agree everything seems to run great and work well. The screen is beautiful and displays crisply and brightly. My only complaints would be that they should have just let go of the Christmas season and just waited a month to get all the fixes in right from the start and have supply on hand to fulfill orders. They would have lost some sales but not nearly as much as has probably been caused by the complaints of those who got the tablets before the updates went out.

    My recommendation is definitely if you are in the market for a full fledged high end tablet that this one is worth getting without any reservations. The dock too :-) I can understand the hesitancy that many have now though because of their flawed launch.
  • P. Mann - Pure and simple, a book for people who love to readEvery October, I look forward to the release of the various entries in the Best American series. I thoroughly enjoy The Best American Essays, absolutely devour The Best American Science and Nature Writing, find a great deal to like in The Best American Sports Writing, scan the table of contents of The Best American Short Stories to see how many I've already read (and then read them all anyway), and eventually make my way to The Best American Travel Writing to combat winter blahs. In each of these volumes, I know what to expect. Granted, there might be an offbeat entry in the sports edition, perhaps something about fantasy football or darts that I would not have much interest in, but by and large, you know what you're going to get. Not so with The Best American Nonrequired Reading. And that's why I titled my review the way I did.

    This volume (both the 2013 edition and previous editions) is a true mélange of, apparently, anything that struck the various people responsible for putting it together as worthy at some point during the previous year. That approach has worked, and this volume seems more densely packed than previous versions, almost ensuring that you'll find several gems. I know I did. At the same time, there will be a fair number that don't appeal. I tend to skip the comics and the graphic stories, for example.

    This year does not match up to the first year's offerings (still the best version of The Best American Nonrequired Reading), but if the names The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Tin House, and Storyville mean anything to you, you'll enjoy this volume. (If the last three names don't ring a bell, they're very well respected literary journals, especially The Paris Review and Tin House, two of the gold standard.)

    I realize I've said little about the actual content here, but that's partially because Nonrequired Reading is such a broad category. How does one describe a volume of short stories with no thematic link, a volume that includes poetry, a Seinfeld tribute of sorts, fake reviews as if written by Cormac McCarthy, stories of real people and their tattoos, and much more? I can say that this volume seems to be edging its way more and more into "serious" writing, as the list of sources (The New Yorker et al.) suggests. Granted, one of the pieces from The New Yorker this year is a hypothetical conversation at the drafting of the Second Amendment in which Jefferson has the prescience to foresee automatic weaponry, but the general thrust does seem to be toward the more serious of late. That's fine by me in general, but I do miss some of the whimsy of previous volumes. Then again, I can always reread those.

    October's a wonderful month for readers.
  • CatsRule - No More Wasted Left Overs!This is a great book if you want your favorite recipes scaled down for 2! Even if there is only one of you :( the scaled down recipes in this cookbook will let you cook for yourself plus have just enough left over for one more meal! My sweet tooth drew me to the Rustic Walnut Tarts recipe and gave me an excuse to try out the 4-inch fluted tart pans I bought (as an impulse purchase!) from Pampered Chef. Easy & tasty and I substituted pecans for the walnuts. Also, I am planning to buy a slow-cooker & there are several slow-cooker recipes in this book!

    UPDATE 1: Just made the Slow-Cooker Barbequed Steak Tips in my new Cuisinart Cook Central 3-in-1 Multi-cooker and it was really good! The recipe is easy and making it in this Slow Cooker was a breeze because of the oval shape of the slow cooker. The meat came out very tender but I would add more garlic to the sauce next time. I will be making the Rustic Walnut Tarts next ...

    UPDATE 2: Just made the Rustic Walnut Tarts. Really tasty! I substituted Pecans for the Walnuts and it was Awesome! Used raw Pecans and toasted them. I suggest that you cut back the cooking time in the oven because the crust will continue to bake after the filling is put in. If you do not have weights just use small stones to hold the aluminum foil down on the crust while baking! Also, for the crust, be sure to cut in the butter until the flour mix looks like coarse corn meal.

    I love to experiment with spices and different processes. What's also cool is that the testers in the Test Kitchen try out all sorts of different ingredients & processes and provide the history of what they tried, why things worked or didn't & the final results. Sure saves time & disasters! The Conversions & Equivalencies are very helpful as is the Stocking The Cooking-For-Two Kitchen section. No more wasted left overs that never get eaten!