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  • Victoria C - Buy this book - it will change your lifeI have been living with Crohn's for over 20 yrs. Almost a year ago I was having a severe Crohn's flair up which included a fistula that would not heal. I was facing Remacaid and Humera as my only options. This book changed all of that. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any digestive disorder but defiantly as an alternative for someone suffering from Crohn's disease. The fistula healed within two months of starting this diet. I have been following it strictly for almost a year and just had a small bowel follow through that showed substantial improvement. This diet works! I only wish I had known about it before (had 2 past surgeries) but am grateful for finding it now. There is an alternative to the drugs with no side effects and this is it. It does require cooking and changing your diet and lifestyle but if you follow it, you can heal. It has a cookbook with many recipes to start off and there are several good SCD books to add variety to the diet.
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