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  • Donna A. Leahey "Donna Anne" - SAVED MY LIFE!!!!Not being the most computer literate person out there, I mistakenly plugged this cable into my phone jack (Yes, I still have a land line, why do you ask?).

    The first time picked up the phone to order a pizza, I was interrupted by the doorbell. There was a young man standing there with my medium pepperoni with green olives, and I hadn't even placed the order!

    Before I could even go back into the house, a plumber arrived to fix the plumbing that hadn't even clogged yet!

    Later, I wanted to call my mother to check on her, but when I picked up the phone, it was my older self - 10 years in the future! She was talking to me from her death bed. She said that I was about to meet my on-again-off-again-boyfriend/friend with benefits/and eventual husband, but that I must stay away from him. Far, far away from him. You see, I was destined to give birth to the woman who would save the world from the machines, but, as it turns out, the machines of the future ALL use Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, so they knew about this prophecy and how my daughter would defeat them. So, they sent a man back in time who would prevent me from marrying the man I was supposed to marry. For my future self, it had worked, and once he was sure that there would be no promised one, he tried to kill my future self.

    But thanks to the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, now I know better than to get involved with THAT loser!
  • Cocobutterflame - works and price is exellentPurchased this for my tablet and it has worked fine since being mounted. overall its perfect for its purpose. satisfied.
  • Tim Lieder "Founder of Dybbuk Press" - My personal favorite anti-virus programI have tried other anti-virus programs and often they have slowed down my computer so much that I was tempted to just let the viruses come. I have made the mistake of disabling my anti-virus programs and doing just that. Even then when I learned from my mistakes I had frustrations with various anti-virus programs like McAfee which seems to be the lupus of anti-virus programs.

    By contrast, this program is very easy to use. It updates without slowing down the computer and it monitors the Web sites unobtrusively. I can run the scans whenever I want and they don't stop the computer to slow everything down. Finally, the interface is well designed and easy to use. This is quite simply the best possible anti-virus program that I've encountered and I would recommend it to anyone.