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  • W.C. Sonny McXullough - Cracks me up & pisses me off at the same exact time & that makes for great reading.

    I read Artie Langes 1st book "Too Fat to Fish" a few years ago & cried laughing and now I'm reading his second book "Crash & Burn" which is much more dramatic than humorous but still very funny. The guy cracks me up & pisses me off at the same exact time and that makes for great reading.

  • Keisha Broomes - True-to-life book on family, pain, and eventual healing

    I've been a Terry McMillan fan since Mama, and this book did not disappoint me. This book was in some ways, a breath of fresh air, because it's a bit different than the flood of books filled with fabulous characters, romance, money, jet-setting, and character's living lives that most of us will never experience. Honestly, I think many of us know people like the characters in the book: hotel workers and neighbors, nurses and social workers, drug addicts, Christians, older people with dementia, pain-in-the behind siblings, weak-willed children, relatives with alternative lifestyles, and so on.

    Betty Jean was so real, I felt she could have been a cousin or aunt. Betty Jean was a hard-working woman with problems. I think this may have been the first book I've ever read that showed a mother with honest feelings of disappointment for how her children turned out. Terry presented a book that told a fundamental truth for all parents: we can try our very best, but we have less control over our children's choices than we like to think. After reading this book, I thought, "Thank God, somebody said it. It had to be said."