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  • Sitting in Seattle - Most complete reviews; best bet to find new whiskiesThis is the most complete and most up-to-date set of whisky reviews available. Thus, if you want to find new whiskies to try, it is a great resource. It will serve both the newcomer who wants to buy several but doesn't want to waste money on bad ones; and the more knowledgeable who is interested to learn about smaller bottlings.

    Because it is the most complete, it will also review the largest number of the ones you find available in any store. In my unscientific estimate, I'd say that it has about 90% of what I see in stores (missing only very new vintage releases and new micro-distilleries). It is especially admirable for featuring extensive bourbon, rye, and blend tasting notes, and for including many small distilleries alongside the big ones.

    The main limitation is the flip side of its strength: it is simply a compilation of 100s or 1000s of crammed paragraph tasting notes. It does not lay out a sensory chart or spectrum for whiskies. Sometimes it is impossible to tell whether a given entry will be peaty or not (and peat can be a challenge for newcomers in particular). It does not list prices; I've seen several where I wanted to go find the whisky only to discover that it was $250 or more. On the other hand, it also is studiously independent and the ratings do not appear to be heavily influenced by price; there are mass whiskies under $30 that score in the 90-95 point range here, and ones much more expensive that get mediocre scores. I think it would be improved if it indicated price range, and had a rudimentary peat-to-caramel sensory range or something of the kind.

    I don't always agree with his relative rankings but I have not felt that any of them was wrong, just reflecting differences in taste. Overall, I think it's well worth the money and has not steered me wrong in finding good whiskies. Presumably it has also helped me avoid wasting money on bad ones, although since I didn't buy them, that's impossible to tell for sure.

    If you want a comprehensive review source, it's the best one. Slainte!
  • RetiredNSmilin308 "PirateDave" - A STANDARD resource quoted and used by mostThis is a STANDARD for emergency medical treatment, but learn things, BEFORE they happen. it is not a HOW TO book to remove an appendice under candlelight.
  • David R. Wayne "Author/Researcher/Historian" - Must-Read Material on AutismThis is a great book on a vitally important topic. All parents of special kids know what a struggle it is to stay abreast of all the new information out there in order to come up with the best resources possible for the most important thing on the planet -- your kids. This book pulls it all together and is a fantastic tool at just the right time -- NOW!
  • Scuba Gal - Well worth the investment of time and money!I have bought and played every Puzzler World game and enjoyed each and every one. The variety of puzzles keeps the game interesting, and Puzzler World is the only place I can find some of my favorite puzzle types, such as Link-A-Pix, Code Word, and Back Words. Master mode provides additional puzzles that are more challenging than those in Challenge Mode. Puzzles like Word Search, Spot The Difference, and Split Words are relaxing when you want something a little less taxing. Bonus puzzles provide even more puzzle types. You earn hint coins to help you when you need it so that you don't get frustrated.

    I like many different game genres, and Puzzler World is by far my favorite puzzle game. I hope we'll get a new version every year!
  • bentleybabee - sweet sweat it worksI brought a jar of this cream about a month and a half ago !! Because i was looking for something to help me get rid of a lil stomach fat !! And i read the reviews prior to purchasing this product !! And i wont lie i was like whatever cause you know how some people fluff stuff up !! But much to my surprise i started using this cream with a waist wrap band !! And my midsection is melting away !! My shirts are no longer snug on me i can feel the relief !! So i brought another jar for my nephew for his xmas gift becaue he needs to lose a few pounds prior to his wedding in november !! Great product !!