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  • Jan Halvor Lie - Fantastic fun,but know what you buy first...The gameplay is fun, the characters are diverse, and the storyline is very immersive. Graphics are smooth and the effects look pretty darn cool. I've only gotten to level 10, but I foresee countless hours of fun ahead. Well worth the annual pass I signed up for to play WoW in any regard. I might be shelling out another $60 to buy my wife a copy so we can play together as well.

    I understand the frustration of having to have an internet connection to play, if you aren't able to do that. It can be a bummer. It makes no difference to me, however. I like being able to play with my friends from WoW; I like that I could potentially make actual money in this game; I like that no one can cheat. If you're looking for a solely single-player game, D3 is not for you. Most of us who've paid any attention to this release knew that going in, though. I hear that the release wasn't very smooth. I wouldn't know. I was sleeping at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. I've never experienced a bug free release of a big online game. I don't think anyone has.

    TL;DR: If you're looking for a fun game to play solo or with friends, with an immersive story and great gameplay, and you have a steady internet connection, D3 will not disappoint.
  • Eduardo Castro - Awesome!I but it and I have to send it to a friend house because they doesn't ship to my country Puerto Rico. The tablet is awesome and I didn't have any problem with it. Grate product from Asus!
  • Christopher L McClellan - QUICKBOOKS 2012 FOR THE MACINTOSHQuickbooks 2012 for the Mac is the latest version of Quickbooks that is available for the Macintosh. It is completely a Mac application through and through and works as you would expect. The interface is intuitive and very easy to get around. You can make professional looking invoices very simply. The search facility has been re-written to allow for almost limitless search possibilities.
  • N. Holmes - Excellent Feel, I Have Switched From A Titleist To A Brigestone e6I did not think that a golf ball from any manufacture would make much of a difference in performance, but testing various ones, and measuring the distance with my Garmin Approach G6 GPS, and my Garmin Approach S1 Watch shows me that there is a difference.

    I am a woman who has been playing golf for over 50 years, and as technology changes I have found what a difference a new set of Callaway graphite clubs makes over my older set, just as golf balls have gotten better.

    With my Callaway's I was using the Noodle Long and Soft and did see a difference, the ball felt softer, went farther, and I was very happy with these golf balls. I took a refresher lesson last year, and the instructor said that the Titleist Velocity would be a good ball for me to try.

    I have been playing these in Tournaments and in my Women's league and felt that I did get great distance, even hitting that occasional 200 yard drive (measured with my Garmin device), though this was not my normal distance, I just hit the ball in the perfect spot. I felt that these golf balls on approach shots using a wedge would go pass the green, they did not stop or spin, they just kept rolling. I even tried the Pro V1's, and they were okay, but I am not going to spend that much money.

    I play all year in the desert of Arizona, and in the summers it can get very hot. Last week I found in the pond a Bridgestone e6 and tried it along with my Titleist Velocity, I was very impressed with the e6, and when I got home I went to Bridgestone's website to read more about the design of this ball and if it would be good for my occasional slice.

    The e6 that I found was an older model with a red arrow, showing that it was a 2011 model, and while I was hitting great with this, I thought that the new 2013 model would be even better.

    I ordered these on Monday 6-3-13, and with my Prime got them on Wednesday 6-5-13, and played 18 holes on Thursday 6-6-13. To make a fair test, I would hit my driver with the Velocity, and then the e6, both had great distance, but the e6 just felt better, softer, and on the approach shots to the green it would land softly and roll, not going fast like the Velocity.

    While I do know that I can have a few lucky shots where everything is just right, the new e6 seems much better for my game. Because of the new dimple design that helps with side spin to the left or right, it is meant to go straighter, and it does. Today, I hit 185 yards on two different holes, and the ball flight was nice, when it came to putting on the green, and now in the desert the greens are dry and fast, the e6 rolled straight.

    I could not believe how straight it rolled when I putted, the ball felt soft, and when I lined up my putt, I made several 15 foot putts to make a par on several holes. I think that it also could be that the dimple design for straight shots off of the driver or fairway woods, could even help with the roll when you putt.

    I still have 24 Titleist Velocity golf balls to use, since I can't return them to the pro shop, so I will save these for the water holes, but I have now switched to the Brigestone 2013 e6, and will use them all of the time. I have found that going back and forth between golf balls does make a difference especially in putting, and I have found that a Women's golf ball maybe hyped up to sell only to women.

    It all comes down to your swing speed and if you are a beginner or an experienced player. The technology in golf balls does make a difference, and I am glad that I found the older e6 in the pond to try, otherwise, I would have never known that there is a better ball for my game, and that is the e6 for me.
  • KY2013 - Great Product!I have ALWAYS been skeptical of 'seen on tv' products, and they have always failed for me. The PediSpin worked wonderfully. I didn't need to apply much pressure at all for my feet, and after using it for two minutes, my heels are very smooth after one use and feel as if I have just had a pedicure! No complaints here!