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  • Danny Bauman - Beautiful phone, it's a joy to use!The Lumia 920 is a beautiful phone, Windows Phone 8 is a joy and the personalized start screen with live tiles is awesome, I love it.

    Other people have said that it's too heavy, other people have said that there aren't enough apps for Windows Phone, but neither of those complaints come near to the goodness you get from the thoughtful design and amazing quality of the Lumia hardware and Windows Phone.
  • Hailey McKenzie - Woman using men's rogaine - it worksI am a 44 year old woman who has been experiencing slightly thinning hair since age 39. I went to the dermatologist and had blood work done for my thyroid, hormones, and later a scalp biopsy. The blood work was normal. The diagnosis from the biopsy was androgenic alopecia or what my dermatologist said was hair shedding due to the hormonal changes that come with age. If you google this you'll get a lot of information, much of it contradictory and negative. I should state, my shedding was not visible to anyone but me, but it was an increased thinning. I'd wash and blow dry my hair, look down to the floor and the tears would start flowing. The dermatologist prescribed men's Rogaine foam, applied once a day at night before bed. At two months I experienced a slightly increased shed which admittedly freaked me out! After some research, I found this is normal and decided to stick with it. Now, at four months, the shedding has decreased substantially. From what I understand, the product can take up to 6-12 months to show hair reversal, ie. new growth.

    I also take Elon Matrix 5000 a hair vitamin (not overloaded with stuff, just biotin, silicon, and L-Cysteine) and I also take Nature's Way MSM - one tablet a day.

    Hair thinning for women can be devastating. I normally wear my hair short. However, in a fit of anxiety, at that two month mark I had my hair cut to a Caesar just to prepare myself for what I thought was the inevitable. Needless to say, now that my hair shed has decreased and my hair is growing in nicely, I have only one thing to say - this is treatable and reversible - BUT YOU MUST BE PATIENT and willing to experiment with treatments and/or supplements etc.

    If you are trying this, give it time to work and be consistent. Note: using excess product will not improve the results. Also, because this is a foam, it is important to try to get it on the scalp and not in the hair. Applying the foam to cold fingers will prevent the foam from melting/softening in your hands before you get to apply it.
  • Sandra Fox - A Fine Romance by Susan BranchI just finished ordering book #3 to send to a family member. I read Susan's book in two settings, and wishing all the while it would never end! Susan paints with her words. I had never wanted to visit England, but after finishing her book, I have added England to my bucket list! I love Susan's "Feel Good" Blog, as I call it, so I should have known her book would be great too. Buy her book as a gift for yourself and a second one to give to someone who is very special, as you will not regret it! Thanks again Susan! I can now say YOU are my favorite author!
  • L. Adkins - Daughter loves it and so do I!!My daughter has just reached the pre-teen age and keeps getting in trouble for how she is saying things to us and having a hard time expressing her feelings to her friends. Getting this book for her has made all the difference in the world. We have seen a difference in how she approaches talking to us and how to respond to her friends and some of those that aren't her friends. i would definitely recommend this book for any pre-teen that is trying to figure out how to express themselves to adults and friends.
  • D. Pettit - Great productWe use this as a backup drive. Works awesome! The only weird/undesirable thing I can think of is that when you register the drive, it stores a bunch of files on the drive I guess I'm just a bit ocd about stuff like this, but it would have been nicer to store this somewhere in the cloud, and not on the device itself. Just my 2 cents.