North West Pathology - Tasmanian Medical Testing Laboratory : Home - Welcome to North West Pathology. We are a medical testing laboratory with laboratories in Burnie, Latrobe and Queenstown, employing around 80 staff. We are committed to providing quality pathology services to general practitioners, medical specialists, nursing homes, public and private hospitals in the north west and west regions of Tasmania.

Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: 2113 Ryde, New South Wales

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  • race_of_doom - Animals indeedI'll admit -- at first listen, it wasn't a favorite of mine. I loved Wish You Were Here and DSOTM already; and I was expecting more experimentation. But directly upon the second listen, I finally picked up on the mammoth that is "Dogs," "Pigs (Three Different Ones)," and "Sheep.""Dogs" is amazing. It's almost as amazing as "Wish You Were Here" -- and I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating or something... but listen to it. Give it a try; it's clearly astounding. Glimour creates some amazing guitar work in here; it almost sounds angst-ridden sometimes. Waters goes great lengths to create some of his best written lyrical content in any Pink Floyd album -- example: "Deaf, dumb, and blind/You just keep on pretending/That everyone's expendable/And no one has a real friend.." Greatness all around. It sounds like they spent a long time on this one."Pigs (Three Different Ones)" has a more mellow quality to it than the aforementioned "Dogs" -- great, slow melodic drumming; low key keyboard riffs; and some pretty dark yet realistic lyrics. And all of this great instrumentation (including some great guitar solos by Gilmour) works together so well. The shattering lyrics are of the like: "You got to stem the evil tide/And keep it all on the inside/Mary you're nearly a treat/Mary you're nearly a treat/But you're really a cry.""Sheep" is actually better than some certain people say. I'll agree with the fact that the lyrics are perhaps a bit forced, fake -- but the beautiful, hard hitting music more than makes up for it. For some odd reason, however, these somewhat forced lyrics work for the music beside it. A good point would to look at the lyrics of "Sheep" and some major rock song of today; in most cases, "Sheep" of course still holds up content wise. It's a great song.I'm forgetting the bookends -- "Pigs On The Wing." These simple, loving songs are really needed. Without them, Animals wouldn't be complete. I can't imagine starting up Animals without "Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1" or ending the album without part two.Is Animals the best PF album? I don't think I have one; I'll agree with most and say that DSOTM, WYWH and Animals are tied for the best PF albums.If you're one of the many who have not listened or bought Animals yet (there seems to be many PF fans without this amazing album), please do yourself a favor and buy this milestone. It contains some of the best PF music ever made.