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  • A Customer - One of the two or three BEST BOOKS on this Topic Available - MUST HAVE - 5 STARS !!!!!Don't even think of applying to a top college without reviewing this book first. Also consider this. It costs a fortune to go to college. It takes tremendous time and energy to visit them, and to prepare applications; you simply need all the help you can get in figuring out which ones are worth your energy. I put this book right at the top of the list along with two others out of the 30 that are available to you. The other two are: Choosing the Right College 2010-11: The Whole Truth about America's Top Schools by John Zmirak, and Students' Guide to Colleges: The Definitive Guide to America's Top 100 Schools Written by the Real Experts--the Students Who Attend Them, by Jordan Goldman and Colleen Buyers

    In this guide it is the students who are talking, and they are going to give you a far more honest analysis of their four years at a school than you will ever get from the school itself. The book is simply written by students for students. Look at it this way; you visit a college for an afternoon or a day. Your child loves the food. Meanwhile, three friends who have lived at this school for four years tell you that they never enjoyed the food. Don't you think four years somewhere is going to give you a better feel for what is going on than an afternoon at the same school? That's why you need a book like this.

    It will save you time, money, and aggravation, or the possibility of not making a big mistake with your child's life. This is because he or she must enjoy the four year process that your child is going to embark upon. What you also need to understand is that you as a parent can contribute a great deal to the discussion of where your child goes. This is a $250,000 discussion and parents need to be a part of it.

    What I have found to be particularly concerning is the emotional life the child will live in many colleges today. Think about some of these issues because this particular college guide does a nice job of dealing with them:

    * Is the school nurturing?

    * Will your child get lose in this massive university setting?

    * Is the school internally elitist? Are cliques the rule at this college, or is it more open and egalitarian as the founding fathers intended?

    * How's the food, and what are the food options? Your child may be used to eating at home for four years, and poor food may be particularly disturbing to the child.

    * Is your child a loner, and a joiner? Different schools will match up well with both types.

    * Are there eating clubs, drinking clubs, final clubs, and is your child the type to join, or be accepted in such environments. If your child isn't, he or she could be absolutely miserable in junior and senior years when such institutions have control over the campus.

    * What about full professors versus teaching assistants? I always say, you pay for professors, you want professors. Undergraduate schools with massive graduate schools often shun the undergraduate. All the energy, money, and resources of the school go into the graduate departments. Professors seeking help look at graduate students for it, and the undergraduates are left out. You figure it out, and you should decide which way you want to go.


    You need to be careful about some of the statistics you see. Some schools have rates of acceptance as low as 6 or 7% of the applicants that apply. Remember, numbers can always be made to lie. Here's an example. Some schools have what is called EARLY DECISION. If your child applies early decision and is accepted, than your child must go to that school, and not apply to any other schools. This means if 500 students are accepted via the early decision process at that school, it counts as 500 out of 500 applying, and dramatically brings down the acceptance rate at that particular school. What this means is that everybody can play games, and you need to be clued into what games what schools are playing.

    If you read the right books, and ask the right questions, you and your child are going to be okay. You simply cannot leave it to chance. This is too big a decision for that. Your child can get into a top school. You have to work at it, sometimes two or three years in advance to lay the groundwork, build the package, and put together the right activities and intellectual pursuits. This book is a vital ingredient along the path. Read it and look at the two others I recommended to you, and things should work out okay, and thank you for reading this review.

    Richard Stoyeck
  • Matthew Conquergood "Kristjin" - Excellent product!I bought this for my partner who has very, very sweaty feet. Doesn't sweat profusely anywhere on his body but his feet, and it drives him CRAZY. He's tried everything he could think of to no avail. This product has made him one very happy guy.

    The official FAQ for SweatBlock says this about using it on other body parts: "SweatBlock was developed specifically for underarm use, but many of our customers report success with SweatBlock elsewhere on the body such as head, neck, back, hands, and feet. The SweatBlock Satisfaction Guarantee is for underarm use only and it does not apply to other parts of the body. It is recommended that you consult a physician with further questions."

    The active ingredient in this product is 14% aluminum chloride hexahydrate. An internet search for aluminum chloride hexahydrate turned up a link on WebMD that discusses the application requirements for feet when this product has been prescribed by a doctor for hyperhidrosis of the feet. Specifically, it's noted that the feet should be wrapped in plastic which is worn to bed at the end of the day after applying the medication and so on. My guess is that the product is meant to be prescription based, at least in part, because of the unique difficulties in applying the product anywhere but the underarms.

    For us, dabbing it onto the feet, especially between the toes and being sure to hit every part of the foot, then slipping the feet into 1 gallon plastic food bags like these: Hefty Baggies Food Storage Bags 1 Gallon was a great way to accomplish the plastic wrapped foot. After the bag, we just put socks over the bags to keep them in place, then cut off the excess plastic about an inch above the edge of the sock.

    One application was enough to produce incredible results, but full action did not take place until a second application.

    I've never seen him smile about his feet before, and the other day he did. That was enough for me. I'd recommend it to anyone, and if you want to use it anywhere other than under the arms, check the internets for advice on how the active ingredient is applied when prescribed by a physician.
  • PuddlethePoodle - Best double stroller on the marketAfter doing a ton of research online, I went into the store to try out my favorite strollers and this one stood out as the best. It's so smooth, easy to open and close, and offers pockets, a huge storage basket, and great sun shade coverage. It's lighter than I thought it would be too. I only wish it had a universal carseat adapter since I already have a graco carseat.

    This stroller has two features that put it ahead of the CitiMini Double: easy to reach storage compartment and adjustable handlebars. The handlebar also has a spot in the middle designed for a one handed push which is awesome! It is a little heavier than the CityMini but the price makes it more appealing.

    If you would like more reviews on baby products, what to put on your baby registry, what to expect during delivery in the hospital, or even a full stroller shopping guide, visit the website,
  • M. Griffin - A slight shift for McCarthy, yet powerfully successful as a storyCertainly a departure in subject matter (following a father and son through a post-apocalyptic wasteland) for McCarthy, though his familiar style remains. This is effectively somewhere between science fiction and horror, and yet the tale focuses resolutely on the experiences of the characters, their hopes and strivings. No explanation is given for how the world ended up in this state, yet none is really needed. Powerful, harrowing, beautifully written.
  • Shannon McKinney - Love WEN cleansing conditionersI am African American & have natural hair. It gets SOOO tangled & unruly. WEN really does detangle the moment I put it in my hair. Its like MAGIC. My hair tames instantly & I dont have to use large amounts. (my hair is very thick and several inches past my shoulders).
    In the Spring/Summer months, I use as a wash & go in the mornings & it curls my hair.
    Just need the travel size.