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  • Vladislav Ribchinsky - Great value for money.- Quick to focus both in good and poor lighting compared to other mirrorless campers that I've shot with, including nex-5n and fuji x-e1.
    - Very fast start time.
    - Great controls, and useful focusing modes.
    - Small and light, even with the additional 45-150mm lens I carry.
    - Usable up to ISO 1600.
    - Good and practical EVF.
  • tracy m. ellison - GuaranteedThis book along with the sanders cd is an absolute requirement for anyone with prior medical experience. If you read the book you will pass the nclex guaranteed!!
  • Lisa M "LM" - Worth Waiting ForWhen the Kindle first came out, it was intriguing. I was looking for a solution to enjoy my passion for reading without accumulating a lot of books since we move around a lot for work. I had gone to the library, yet wanted to eliminate the extra trip. The Kindle was something I had to save for and it was worth the wait. I love how you can sample books before purchasing to get a sense of what the books is all about. After two years of waiting and trying alternative solutions, I finally have my Kindle, and I LOVE IT!
  • Phyllis Wheatley - A great buyThis replaced an older model. I love it. The screen is particularly good when there is a weird exit or several quick turns as it shows you the exact lane you are supposed to me in, as well as the other ones available. I would buy it all over again, so I don't think a recommendation can get better than that. Oh, and the lifetime maps is definitely worth the extra $$. There were more than several times my old GPS could not find a destination because I never upgraded the maps.