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  • Murphy "irish lassie" - Fantastic! You can't go wrong with this!This stuff really works. I put it on a certain area of my arms then place a neoprene arm band. I also apply this on my ab area, hips and thighs to the knees. I wear neoprene pants like Zagora or Delfin which makes you sweat anyway. Putting Sweet Sweat in these areas REALLY make you sweat! When you take the neoprene exercise pants off, it feels wet and you can feel the sweat on you. I highly recommend this. It does not ruin my exercise clothes or even a t-shirt or regular tank top. I always wash my exercise clothes as soon as I get home. I use cold water on the gentle cycle. The clothes do not smell like the Sweet Sweat, if you think they will. The only thing I noticed is if you use an arm exercise machine where you place your arms on the padding, it will leave residue on the machine. All you have to do is wipe it off. Sweet Sweat is worth every penny. Oh and I have been using this stuff for several months.
  • John Mangin - Uniquely QualifiedI haven't read the entire book yet, but I've really enjoyed the excerpts on WSJ and Slate.

    The central objection of the campaign against the book is that Emily Oster, as an economist, lacks medical training and is unqualified to write a book that touches on healthcare and medical issues. (See, e.g., this: The other objections seem to flow from this one.

    As an economist, Oster's career is built around conducting and analyzing regression studies to tease out complex relationships among multiple variables. That's what microeconomists do, and that's exactly what she's doing here with the many studies on the pregnancy-related questions the book addresses. As such, she's uniquely qualified to write this book and provides a perspective that your Ob-Gyn can't (unless he or she happens to have world-class, doctoral-level training in economics and statistics and lots of time after work to sort through the methodological appendices of thousands of studies).