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  • Nancy D "Nancy D" - Fabulous AFTER two weeks of use . . .I love this product now, after two weeks of use. At first I could not see what the big deal was. I had read another review that said to give it a few weeks. Boy, were they right. I absolutely love my hair! Soft, shiny and manageable. My hair is color-treated, chemically straightened AND I use a flat-iron daily. This product makes my hair look and feel amazing. It's expensive but it seems to be lasting longer than I thought and I don't need a separate conditioner anymore.
  • RPH - Great StuffI was taking strong doses of antibiotic for an abcessed tooth, and suffering intestinal misery. The capsule probiotics I bought made no difference, but these crystals did the trick in just a couple of days. It was a great relief.
  • SierraRandy - Great Entry Level BikeI have just finished putting a 1000 miles on my Overdrive, about 300 have been on trails. Its a great entry level bike, it is built well and handles great. As you ride more you will have nothing but confidence about what the bike can handle and do. This bike does not come across as an entry level bike with 29" wheels and dual disk brakes. You can't go wrong with this purchase.
  • Web Shopper - Perfect option for apartment dwellers!We live in a high rise in an area that doesn't allow charcoal or gas grills on balconies. Soooo, cooking that perfect steak was either playing roulette with getting one of the apartment's limited and highly popular gas grills, or smoking up the place using a cast iron skillet. Neither was a great option, so we checked out this electric grill shortly after discovering they are allowed on balconies by the local fire department and building management. Bottom line: About as good as you can get without charcoal or gas for grilling. The grill heats up to over 500 degrees in about 20 minutes, and puts a nice sear Icomplete with grill marks) on the meat to retain the juices. It is easy to clean, has several really nice accessory options (I particularly like the side tray we got from the Char-Broil website, and the plastic cover we also purchased on Amazon), works wonderfully well with a remote temperature probe to ensure desired doneness, and produces little to no cooking smoke when kept clean. We tend to be easily challenged by items needing assembly, but we knocked this out in less than an hour...recommend two people, if you can't both work on it the whole time then one can provide color commentary and moral support! We also purchased the recommended 15 amp extension cord, and it doesn't impact performance at all. In short, we are delighted with the grill! Given the choice I'd opt for grilling on real fire, but believe this is the closest you can get with electricity. The price is great, and we look forward to experimenting with other meats, veggies, and seafood!
  • Kevin Alansky - Harness the power comes with contextRobert and Shel do a fantastic job of laying the groundwork of how people will need to think in the next generation of computing and software development. With over 50% of all Internet browsing now happening on a mobile device, the next wave in social media marketing will be harnessing the power of location-based technologies. We are almost in 2014, the year that will bring mass acceptance in publicly sharing one’s location. Many folks are already checking in; there the natural evolution is technology that embeds a user's location in real-time. And when brands and social media apps understand that they must create contextual value in order to get users to share their location, the sky's the limit. Understanding customers’ location patterns will help companies better predict the behavior of their users, thus an unmissable chance to market to them in the right place at the right time.