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Country: Europe, MD, Moldova

  • Luke J. Heller "Been There, Done That." - I WAS IN THIS MOVIE!!!!

    Yep!! This Horror movie fanboy since the age of 8 finally got himself in a Horror movie. Being behind the scenes and speaking with one of the co-writers made me appreciate just how hard it is to make a movie.

    Two thumbs up and an extra dismembered thumbs up from me.

    It's a made-for-TV movie. I enjoyed being in it more than my right nut and watching it was SO cool. Especially seeing myself multiple times. WHOO HOO!!!!

    And all you naysayers? *Pfft* Relax. There are far, far, far worse movies out there. And, I'm talking movies that had multi-million dollar budgets which Zombie Apocalypse did not have. Zombie Apocalypse pulled off exactly what it was supposed to do: be a zombie movie that had a few new twists and homages to previous zombie flicks.

    I'm buying this movie in all it's formats. Blu-ray, regular DVD, iTunes, etc. I don't recommend everyone do that. But, I do recommend at least the regular DVD version if not just from iTunes.

  • Cindy K. Green - also a must for remote area's

    I purchased this along with "women without doctors". This book did appear to have been used slightly more that I thought but still an excellent buy and none of the pages were removed or unusable. I left this book also in a remote village where medical care is difficult to get to. I would recommend this as a must have for those remote or unavailable medical treatment. It doesn't replace medical care but can provide some desperately needed help until it can arrive.