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  • Carrie H - Exactly what I need at a great priceI acquired an older one-speed bike and wanted an appropriate trainer to use with it. Not being sure of the degree of difficulty involved in setup, I had a bike shop show me how to do it. They did make one adjustment to make the bike and trainer compatible. They added one or two nuts to each end of the back tire's rod. Set up was then extremely simple. One note - be sure to use a level to verify the stability of the unit. Our basement floor is NOT level so additional carpet pieces were needed on one side of the trainer. I highly recommend this trainer if your circumstances are similar.
  • Enirco - ExcelentThis tablet will be AMAZING for the price point that it is when they fix the support issues. I would have thought this to been taken care of before the release date.
  • kimberleepolk - This product saved my FACE!I have used many products to clear up my adult acne with not much success but a lot of money spent! The doctor prescribed tetracycline and I was on that for years, they kept upping the dose to keep it under control and then that quit working altogether and who wants to be on that forever??? Then I was prescribed another product that I later found out was another line of Proactive at a lot higher cost and that my new doctor was one of their dealers!! so of course she prescribed it! I should have had miraculous results for the money but NO! I was frustrated and still had acne! So I some research for something more healthy and natural and found Exposed! Half the cost and with the money back guarantee, Why not? I tried it and Yes within 30 days Awesome results and I feel like I can use the products safely without all the harmful chemicals. It's gentle and it worked!! I love it! Thank you so much Exposed for saving my face! I am 46 and acne just doesn't fit in the lifestyle of a new Gramma! I have been recommending the product ever since to many women young and old because it saved me! PS The ordering is great, pick your date for your product to be sent out to you and change that at anytime- NO HASSLE - and/or order individual products as you need them! It has been a very good experience for me all the way around! Exposed Acne Treatment - Basic Kit
  • S. Posey - The PS4 welcomes you to next gen gamingDecided during E3 that I was going to go with the PS4 due to price and Sony's attention to the gamer vs. publishers with the then controversial Xbox One decision to halt used game sales. Microsoft went back on that but the good will that Sony earned, plus the $100 price difference really drew me in.

    I got my console on release day and after a few hiccups with setting up the internet (which could have been user error) I was ready to roll. The UI is basic, but that's not a negative. Everything you need is on one bar that scrolls horizontally. Your most recent games played come first and the game in the console itself is the first in line. Your video services are grouped in a video folder of sorts to avoid clutter and the overall experience of finding a game and playing it is seamless. I can see this possibly being an issue later in the console's life when there are a lot of games to sort through but I doubt this will be the design choice the PS4 has in 5 years. Software updates come and go and I'm sure it'll change.

    The real draw of any new console though is what it can do. This particular device plays PS4 games and those games look amazing. There aren't a lot of games out right now to actually play but the ones out of note include Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin's Creed 4, Need for Speed Rivals, and Resogun. If you picked up only those games you'd be set for a true next gen experience with amazing visuals and all around great games.

    The PS4 is a great investment if you're looking to get into next gen gaming on the console. The Xbox One is an alternative choice for people who want a more media focuses experience, but for those of us who want to spend less for just an all around great gaming console, you can't go wrong with the PS4!