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  • David Palazzolo "Dave" - Another Home Run from Timbuk2I've always been a fan of Timbuk2, but as soon as I started using the Command, all my other Timbuk2's have sat unused in the closet. The few pockets it does have serve to really help organize day-to-day items without limiting the ability to carry those big-bulky items. The laptop pocket swallows my very large laptop, and in the two years I've been using this bag regularly, no damage has come to my computer. Plus the ability to swing the bag open for TSA is nothing short of AWESOME!! The stress of getting separated from your laptop while going through airport security dissolves because it never leaves your bag.

    The quick release buckle works great, and allows you to slip the bag over your helmet (including full-face motorcycle helmets), then since it back up without having to remove even thick, padded full-finger gloves. My only complaint is that I really wish there were better color options.
  • Martin - Finally! A way to connect with my son!At the age of 22, I had my first child: a boy. Because of medical complications (negligence!), I was left unable to have children afterwards. And because my husband is against adoption, I'll never get to be the proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

    My husband is all about turning our son into a macho, man's man type, so they've become very close- primarily through playing sports and working on my husband's hot rod together. Consequently, my son and I had begin to grow a bit distant. Until....

    One day I went into my bedroom and found my son sprawled on my bed, busily making the sweetest, prettiest drawings. Hearts. Barbies. Bees. Flowers. Rolling pins. Dolphins. We spent the rest of that glorious afternoon writing each other cute notes and drawing the sweetest tattoos on each other--an afternoon we'll both surely cherish forever. All thanks to Bic for Her, so I know this won't be the next in a long list of things I love that my husband has taken away from me.
  • SandyD - Sexy Alpha ChangelingI really enjoyed this book. Sascha the Psy was a very strong and likable heroine. Lucas the changeling alpha was a yummy, sexy, to die for hero , he was worth the price of the book alone. The chemistry and the interactions between the 2 were hot. I loved the fact that Lucas was constantly touching Sascha. I loved how touch plays such an integral part in changeling life and society. I really felt for Dorian, I hope he gets his HEA eventually. The world building was very interesting. The mystery was wrapped up very nicely. And I look forward to seeing more of Lucas and Sascha the rest of the Dark River pack and also Hawke and the rest of the Snow Dancer wolf pack.
  • Mia Bedford-Richards - MamaMa's review of the Elizabeth Smart StoryThis is a well written story from Elizabeth's point of view.
    I do however wish that it would have had more details on the family and the police during this process, as it might have clarified some of the information about what was happening whilst she was being held against her will; On the other hand, with the story being about Elizabeth and the horrifying circumstances she was under for 9 mos., the story is about her and what she endured, so on that note, it was a well written story.
    If Elizabeth was to write another book, I would happily read it.
    She writes very well with grace and structure, and completely respectable honesty.
  • solveig72 - satisfied binder userThis binder was purchased for me by my husband so of course I am satisfied! This binder is a comfortable fit and creates a snug barrier to keep me from moving in my career. I have seen comments suggesting that this binder is too small to hold multiple women, but realistically how many women do you need to make room for in any one office?