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  • Super Sassy - The BIC Cristal for Her not just for womenI have to say when I bought these pens I was afraid all my friends would call me a sissy boy. Well you know what I was right. But who cares. I am a man and I am proud to say I use the BIC Cristal for her. Now you might say "why did you buy a pen designed for her?" The simple answer is I wanted to get in touch with my feminine side. This pen did the trick. Now when I write in my diary I don't feel silly. I have to also say since I started using the BIC Cristal for her pen I have started menstruating. I know you might all think that is crazy but it is true. Now I understand all the crap my female friends have to deal with on a monthly basis. Like sore breasts, pain in my ovaries and lower back pain. These are all symptoms I am willing to deal with because this pen writes so damn smooth. It's like writing with butterfly wings. It's truly amazing. I now want to own a unicorn and sing folk songs. I recommend these pens to anyone male or female. They are the bees knees. Buy them before I get them all. I have found so many other uses for these wonderful pens. Such as a toothpick (I have a huge gap in my front teeth), a weapon just in case someone attacks me from behind, to scratch the inside of my ear and also to get all the lint out of my bellybutton. 5 stars all the way
  • Jorge C. Stanham "JCS" - A best-read for health care professionalsI'm a general internal medicine specialist providing primary care and I've found the book excellent. It covers every topic succintly but in full, giving all the links to further one's information. Social media are here to stay for a good long while, surely for good! All providers should at least know and use the media they feel comfortable with, at least by staying in the sidelines and watching. Ignoring social media in healthcare is like ignoring computers and cellphones. We have to be able to ride and write history unless we want to be part of it...
  • mraval - Great productI bought one from Kohls. Look for the 30% coupons and also some Kohls cash if you have one. I got this product for 188 dollars. Looks great and makes great coffee. I specially love the frothing options for capuchino and vanilla latte. Also the big plus is that it makes great iced coffee as well. In short yes a bit costly device but worth the money if you are a keurig fan.
  • Kathi R - Constantly using my iPad mini, reliable Apple productI am a happy Apple fan. I have a MacBookPro & an iPhone 4S, 16 GB. A priority for me is having products that do what I want understandably, reliably & w convenient, knowledgable & quick tech support if needed. I have found Apple products are that way so didn't even consider any other brands.

    I find that the specs for this & the iPhone 4S are somewhat similar--processor, camera, etc & I got the 16 GB version for both.

    I was using my MacBookPro for business & to show a presentation at the table. But, while very light for a laptop, it still was big to carry around.

    I find that now I don't even turn on my Mac every day. I can browse email & the web & a lot of apps just fine on it.

    Since I'm new to the iPad, I wasn't sure just how useful it would be. Well it is. It makes a good e-book reader. Although only have a couple so far. I got the Kindle app since one e-book I wanted needed that format.

    I also is a very nice size to carry around w me. I got a new purse that is not large but has a pocket on the outside into which the iPad mini in its case just fits.

    I also like that I can do iMessages on all 3 of my devices & while I can do things on the iPhone, the iPad mini is much easier to read & type on.

    I bought the Belkin case at BestBuy that looks like a pad folio w snap in holder for the iPad. So its not totally obvious that its an iPad, looks nice & both protects & provides a nice stand for it that works well on table or on my lap.

    I'm also using my iPad mini rather than a hard cover bible for church, using the YouVersion app. The combo is agile enough to jump around to different passages & easier to carry.

    As one who is a touch typist, I was concerned about whether I would need an external keyboard, but have found that I can type pretty well on it. Not quite usual fingering--more like several finger typing but have been able to use it to take notes at seminars & meetings. This using the Pages app. I also have purchased the Keynote Ap thinking I would use it, but really use the free Slide Shark to handle a co presentation. I'm thinking of purchasing the Numbers app. Need to review how to sync the Apple apps between the mini & my Mac.

    As far as connectors, don't have the myriad of Apple accessories that some are concerned about. I had previously gotten the InCase car charger from the Apple store for my iPhone (after the one I got at Walmart quit working after 8 mo). This is the kind that is in 2 pieces so one plugs into the car power outlet & then any usb plug can plug into it. So if my iPad Mini needs charging, I can use its cord to plug into the outlet & charge in the car.

    Also, I bought it at the Apple Store & since I had One to One through my Mac, I could use it to learn my iPhone & my iPad. Unfortunately having recently moved to Portland, OR, the Apple Store is way across town so not as convenient as I was used to. Haven't been there yet. I need to go as sometimes I tap to close a Safari window or click on a link w no response. So should get the touch screen checked (as I did w the touchpad on my previous MacBookPro where they find certain portions not responsive & fixed it, quickly.

    Speaking of the Apple Store, I like the fact that I have that resource--even though now its less convenient than it was. This is 1 reason that I like Apple products. If there is an issue, I remember w other devices (Windows computers & Windows phone) where the service was not very good. My windows phone had major issues (couldn't properly handle daylight savings time & other issues). Verizon people were nice but didn't really help so got runaround & some never did get answers. They knew a lot of basic stuff, but now w smart phones, they can't know all of them well.

    Also previously w a device from 1 co & OS from another & then other apps, I have gotten the run around w each blaming the other & being caught between them. Or maybe not even blaming the other but having to make multiple contacts to get an answer.

    I have found Apple Stores to be on top of things & their service turn around time is very fast--several times faster than they had promised.

    The other thing w Apple products that I have found is that they just work. I've had hardware & software failures w other computers & phones. I got my iPad Mini I think in early March. Working fine. My iPhone 4S is 22 mo old & working fine (they had to do a reset & upgrade to iOS6 1 time, quickly taken care of at the Apple Store).

    So for me, having products that do what I want, reliably & w tech support that quickly takes care of any issues that may arise is very important. I had not found that level of reliability & tech support w other products. I expect the same level of continued reliability & service if needed w my iPad Mini.
  • CakeGalore - Not what expected! :)This item shows the older version to the book, and as I couldn't find the newer one I settled. However to my joy I was actually sent the newer version!
    Although the book does contain a lot of advertisements for Wilton (as it is there product) I found this book to be of a brilliant addition to my cake items. The advertisements aren't off putting and don't take away from the tutorial aspect of the book. I will be teaching myself, with this book and the student kit as unfortunately I live in England.
    The book is very brightly coloured and straight forward, giving you everything you need in a list before the "lesson".
    I'm very new to cake decorating and find the instructions very simple, the picture aids are well appreciated, and I will be purchasing book 2 and 3 off the credit of this one.
    Please be aware that if you aren't new to cake decorating that the book may lack for you, its simple instructions and quite basic cake design ideas (which do look amazing still).