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  • CaliGirl "CaliGirl" - Don't Listen To The Ignorants and Bullies - She Is The Authority on DVAlyce LaViolette has helped hundreds and hundreds of people over the years. Thank you for your service and hard work to make such advances in the horribly minimized and prevalent problem of domestic violence, we need more advocates like you Ms. LaViolette. The book is excellent and written by a true expert in her field.

    Maybe there should be more outrage at Travis' multiple 3 to 4 hour long rage fits at Jodi loaded with vile abusive language and threats than there is over the testimony of Ms. LaViolette, an expert who is a real pioneer in domestic violence.

    Ms. LaViolettes' entire testimony is based on an evaluation of whether or not there was domestic violence in the relationship between Jodi and Travis, and that CANNOT be disputed as Travis' own words, threats and the words of HIS best friends of 6 years supports.

    I wonder how many parents commenting here would be okay with even 1/4 of what Travis called or ranted at Jodi?

    Would that be okay with you?

    Would it be okay if your daughter, sister or mother was called "Hitler" "Sl-t" "corrupted carcass"

    How about if they were threatened with a rageful wrath by their significant others?

    Would that be okay?

    Get a life bullies and stop watching the hype on HLN, it's doing nothing for your minds.
  • mau - great productThe tablet has a great size i would of like it to have more ram but it works great would defenitaly recomend it to anyone
  • Chrystle Arkan - Best deal for me...This is invaluable to me. The water from my tap, even after filtration, tastes funny to me, but the tart taste that co2 gives it makes it is refreshing. The sparkling water is fine for me all by itself. I haven't even tried the flavorings that came with the kit, so can't comment on them. I drink about a litter or sometimes more of this each day, so the expense that others have mentioned is worth it to me. The 60L canister has lasted me 2 months to date and I am just now getting ready to replace it. I ordered an extra tank so I don't have to go without until I can exchange the first one. Exchanges are available at several outlets locally and I called to make sure they were in stock. I was told at the paces that they were kept in stock. So far I'm loving it! Only one additional note: the instructions say to keep pumping (pushing button in short bursts) until it "burps" 3xs. I didn't find that it imparted any more carbonation than just stopping after the first "burp".
  • TimmyC "regular guy" - These are fine for "normal" peopleAll these reviews complaining of this and that is a bunch of snooty, elitist hype. I'm a somewhat "stout" guy (size 12, 6'-1", and enjoy good food we'll just say) and use these in my Vibram Fivefingers 2 or 3 times per week. They've been in and out of the washer and dryer, hiking with my BSA troop, fishing, river bottom walking, and working a shovel in the yard. All good, no faults. A must-have for any of the Vibram monkeyshoes. They also feel very nice in regular shoes too!