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  • Carlton A. Dennis II "voracious reader" - Some thoughts on The Age of ContextThis book has been on my to-read list for months, long before it was available, and when it was launched I bought it and started reading immediately.

    The reason this book caught my attention is that for many years, I have been anticipating a future of omnipresent computing. A world where computers know our context and can take action on our behalf in ways that would amaze us and obviate the need for people to waste precious mental cycles on mundane but critical tasks such as managing our health or driving to work.

    The "Age of Context" can be described as an attempt to describe what such a world would look like and predicts its imminent arrival given the trajectory of technological advancement and the current research activities of hundreds of teams. I think it's purpose is to bring awareness to what can only be described as a pending disruption, a storm that will catch many off guard. It's a book challenging consumers and businesses alike to consider what such a world might mean for them. Will you be able to transition to the "age of context"?

    For the tech lovers, such as myself, such a world seems like a dream come true. But is it really? The authors are very optimistic and so am I, but being optimistic is not the same thing as what will happen in fact. That being said, more people need to join the conversation. There are so many questions that need to be answered and so many implementation details that need to be worked out so that the coming age is truly one that benefits mankind.

    I believe the "Age of Context" succeeds in sending out the message that change is coming and in some ways is already here. It does a pretty good job of painting the picture of how this change could affect our everyday life. The authors are cautious to point out that they might get some things wrong, but I think they are mostly right.

    This is a book that needs to be read this year, today in fact. There are many references to current events. If you read this book a year from now or maybe even in a few short months it might already feel outdated. The side effect of this approach was that reading it now made it feel really fresh and current, next year's reader might highlight how outdated the book feels. On the flip side, if most of the projections made by the authors become true, for instance the success of Google Glass or its competitors, it will stand out as an incredibly prescient piece of work.

    Overall, I liked the book. If you want to gain some insight into the world that many technologists are working hard to build then you should read this book. Read it and join the conversation. I am curious to know what people think about this future, particularly those who are not technology fans.
  • Casey - highly recommended!!This stuff is awesome! I have been dealing with yeast/BV infections for the last few months, and it's become unbearable. My gyno gives me antibiotics for the BV and they do work, but then I get a yeast infection, and then a week later, I've got BV again. I have a healthy sexual life, and this is totally getting in the way!

    I tried every treatment: changed my diet, yogurt, ACV, hydrogen-peroxide bath, acedophillus capsules, you name it...

    This stuff was awesome, though pricey. I finished my first bottle a few days ago, and am so broke I can't buy another one until next week. I've already noticed a difference after going off the pills - same symptoms as before. While I was on it, though, no odor, no discharge, no pain, NOTHING! AWESOME!

    Can't wait til payday! Also, the Rephresh gel inserts work wonders too if you need to get rid of odor really quickly for a temporary fix.
  • Sunny Jim - I didn't think I could afford this cable...... what with the economy and all. It really was a shame. I took out a massive HELOC loan on my sub-prime McBox back in '07 when it was worth $750 per sq ft at the height of the bubble. I had purchased only the very most expensive audio equipment I could find, because deep down, everyone knows that the intrinsic value of any human being can only be expressed in the value of the commodities they purchase.

    So it was to much chagrin that I learned about the amazing reviews the Denon AKDL1 had been receiving on Amazon only AFTER the bank had started the foreclosure proceedings on my home. If only I had back the money I had sent the televangelist that was screwing the hockey player! As luck would have it though, just last month I received an email from a gentleman in Nigeria that offered to cut me in on a sizable inheritance from a long lost uncle that shared my own last name! Just like Ed What-His-Name showing up on my porch to tell me I have won the sweepstakes! So I did what any sensible person would and took out the remaining $1k on my last over-drawn credit card in the form of a cash advance for 80% interest, sent $500 to the African for the processing fee along with my checking account routing number and $500 to the good folks at Denon for the coveted AKDL1.

    And let me tell you, friend, only two words for the AKDL1 - Mission Accomplished! This was far and away the best money I have ever spent. Even better than the time I pawned my great-grandfather's life-long coin collection for that 3 day cocaine fueled bender in Vegas with the twins from the strip club!

    The Fed-Ex man arrived right on time around 4 PM in the evening, just as my neighbors were returning home from work. I know the 27 yr old hottie down the street enviously watched me signing for that Denon box and I am pretty sure I walked in on two of my other neighbors talking about my highly refined taste in Ethernet cabling yesterday.

    From the time I picked up the box, I felt like a much better person, both physically and emotionally. Can you really put a price tag on that? I think not! I unwrapped my prized cable and took a lengthy bubble bath, lit some candles and said a quick prayer to Moloch before hooking it up. The quality of the plastic termination connectors cannot be understated. Most cables just un-dramatically snap into place when inserted into the port. The Denon cable clicks into place much in the same fashion, but when you take your hand away, you see the snazzy Denon logo on the end which, again, re-enforces that personal feeling of refinement and superiority.

    After powering up the $40k home theater system, the music from my ultra-premium $8k Denon universal player flows through the cable to the receiver like straw through a goose! The sound can only be described as clear as an un-muddied lake and as crystal blue as the sun from an azure summer sky! Listening to the White Album, I heard things I never heard before in the recording. Halfway through, I actually felt like the 5th Beatle! eating Orange Sunshine acid with Ringo and Paul! This might be a bit distorted though. Towards the end of the album, I remembered that I hadn't taken my 12 schizophrenia medication yet.

    After a couple more days of trying it out, all I can say is the revolutionary 'signal directional markings' certainly make for 'optimum signal transfer'. Those folks at Denon really thought this one through! I did some testing by holding my wifes vibrator up to the cable and the 'high quality insulation' and 'woven jacketing' insulation really works. I believe this cable could easily hold up to a 9.9 scale earthquake! With no signal degradation!


    Only the purest, purity of the pure copper wiring of the upmost purity is used in the AKD1. Denon uses equal parts of ancient Mesopotamian spear tips, Roman Drachmas fondled by Julius Ceasar himself and decorative copper from the Aztec pyramid of Tenochtitlan for the wiring in the AKDL1. The refinement process is quite complex and also partial classified. All we know for sure is that the NASA advanced research lab, the NSA and the Air Force Area 51 and 'skunkworks' labs are all heavily involved.

    All in all, once my Nigerian friend comes through, I will buy as many AKDL1 cables as I can!
  • S. Lawler - Great Product!I have been using the Body by Vi for around a month now and I can really tell the difference in the way my clothes fit. I also love the taste of the shakes. Add a handful of frozen fruit and you have a great tasting (and filling) breakfast and lunch. For those on the go, too busy for breakfast types (like me) it's a way to have breakfast and not have to slow down.